Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors: Trick’s

Usually when it comes to a daily and weekly cleaning routine it is the carpets that get the royal treatment. After all, they are the biggest repository of dirt on your floors and need to be dealt with as such.

Even though they aren’t exactly neglected, hardwood floors certainly don’t get the same treatment.

The challenges faced when cleaning hardwood floors are different altogether since you’re dealing with a hard yet delicate surface that can get damaged both over time and during cleaning.

Usually most people’s go-to reaction would be to grab a good old fashioned broom or mop, but in reality one of the best ways to maintain your floors is to get a vacuum cleaner specially designed for hardwood floor cleaning.

What makes them special is the fact that they are lighter than conventional vacuums and have a number of adjustable features specifically catering to hard, flat surfaces.

how to Clean Hardwood Floors

When cleaning such surfaces, it is important to take every precaution and not scratch the veneer with the machine itself. That’s why hardwood vacuums have rubber wheels and the ability to retract their bristles.

Some even come entirely without them, but even if bristles are present, they are generally much softer and more supple.

Why vacuums work

There really is a difference. Mops and brooms might do a passable daily maintenance job, but Vacuum cleaners for pet will get rid of every dust particle they find, especially the fine grain variety that only get displaced and not dealt with properly.

Additionally, vacuum cleaners have specialized accessories that allow them to reach corners and their suction power takes care of all the dust and debris that happen to get stuck inside your floor’s cracks, making them especially useful for grouted surfaces.

Another greatly appreciated side-effect of a vacuum’s superior cleaning power is the fact that it leads to less maintenance. Think about, it the less dirt there? Is after cleaning, the smaller the chance that you’ll be faced with caked grime later on.

This is also true for particles that might be harmful to your floor in an altered state such as salt or dry snow. Applying a mop to these would only create an unwanted film whereas vacuuming the particles up removes the problem completely instead of altering or displacing it.

From the hardwood floor vacuum cleaner you can clean dog urine. If you want to take extra measures and go over your floor with a mop or steam cleaner, that is perfectly fine too. This is sometimes inevitable if you have to clean up certain spills.

In fact, vacuuming before getting the mop out will ensure that the least amount of dirt turns into mud when exposed to water and your floors will have a sparkling finish once you’re done.

BISSELL PowerEdge Vacuum and then mopping the floor takes significantly less time and also ensures your living space is healthier.

Since dust and other harmful particles are being sucked in rather than scattered about, the room’s air quality is improved and allergic reactions or symptoms associated with respiratory problems can be alleviated to a greater extent.



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