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BISSELL PowerEdge Vacuum: Reviews By an Expert!

It has been a long-standing belief among professionals and regular consumers that the best way to keep your hardwood floors clean?is to use a mop or a steam cleaner. However, recent studies suggest that using a vacuum cleaner to clean your floor first and then mopping everything up is the most thorough and effective way to ensure a spotless surface.

You can?t use just any old vacuum though since hardwood floors are more delicate than carpets. This is why renowned manufacturer BISSELL has introduced the PowerEdge, a cleaner specifically designed with hardwood floors in mind.

A vacuum with a Purpose

What makes this machine so special? First of all, it is a stick vacuum, meaning it is lighter and more compact than a traditional upright model, allowing you to effortlessly glide over smooth surfaces. It comes with a generous 20 foot cord in order to maximize coverage, and at just 7 pounds pretty much anyone can use it.

A unique feature of the PowerEdge is its V-shaped nozzle, offering a number of advantages when compared to standard nozzle models.First of all, the unusual shape helps the vacuum reach corners and eliminates the need to move furniture since you only need to swivel it around a bit to capture all the dust surrounding a chair leg for example. What?s more, the v shape acts as a funnel that scoops up all the hair, debris, dust and mites towards the center where suction is at its strongest.

The vacuum has a canister that is easy to clean and detach, and dirt is sure to stay in it during operation thanks to its cyclonic action. Once you see that the canister is full, simply empty it into a trash bag and keep working. It also comes with a pleated circular filter that will keep the dirt from re-entering the air you breathe. It does not come with a HEPA filter however.

Once you?re done cleaning the PowerEdge can be conveniently stored as it takes up little space, making it perfect for apartments and smaller houses. It is massive enough to be able to stand on its own, so you can put it into an unused corner of your living room and always have it at hand. The power cord retracts with the push of a button, saving you the hassle of having to deal with it manually.

A brighter future

The PowerEdge is a great representative of an emerging trend of?hardwood floor vacuum cleaners?that have shed a bulky and cumbersome appearance in favor of a lighter, more functional design. Even though they are primarily used for solid surfaces, these machines can also do a pretty good job of cleaning carpeted areas, although results may vary.

In short, the PowerEdge is an innovative, specialized vacuum cleaner that performs great at what it is supposed to do. If your home?s style involves many bare floors and next to no carpets, this model is both an effective and reasonably?priced choice.

Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors: Trick’s

Usually when it comes to a daily and weekly cleaning routine it is the carpets that get the royal treatment, after all, they are the biggest repository of dirt on your floors and need to be dealt with as such. Even though they aren?t exactly neglected, hardwood floors certainly don?t get the same treatment.

The challenges faced when cleaning hardwood floors are different altogether since you?re dealing with a hard yet delicate surface that can get damaged both over time and during cleaning.

Usually most people?s go-to reaction would be to grab a good old fashioned broom or mop, but in reality one of the best ways to maintain your floors is to?get a vacuum cleaner specially designed for hardwood floor cleaning. What makes them special is the fact that they are lighter than conventional vacuums and have a number of adjustable features specifically catering to hard, flat surfaces.

When cleaning such surfaces, it is important to take every precaution and not scratch the veneer with the machine itself. That?s why hardwood vacuums have rubber wheels and the ability to retract their bristles. Some even come entirely without them, but even if bristles are present, they are generally much softer and more supple.

Why vacuums work

There really is a difference. Mops and brooms might do a passable daily maintenance job, but Vacuum cleaners will get rid of every dust particle they find, especially the fine grain variety that only get displaced and not dealt with properly.

Additionally, vacuum cleaners have specialized accessories that allow them to reach corners and their suction power takes care of all the dust and debris that happen to get stuck inside your floor?s cracks, making them especially useful for grouted surfaces.

Another greatly appreciated side-effect of a vacuum?s superior cleaning power is the fact that it leads to less maintenance. Think about it ? the less dirt there Is after cleaning, the smaller the chance that you?ll be faced with caked grime later on. This is also true for particles that might be harmful to your floor in an altered state such as salt or dry snow.

Applying a mop to these would only create an unwanted film whereas vacuuming the particles up removes the problem completely instead of altering or displacing it.

If you want to take extra measures and go over your floor with a mop or steam cleaner, that is perfectly fine too. This is sometimes inevitable if you have to clean up certain spills. In fact, vacuuming before getting the mop out will ensure that the least amount of dirt turns into mud when exposed to water and your floors will have a sparkling finish once you?re done.

Vacuuming and then mopping the floor takes significantly less time and also ensures your living space is healthier.

Since dust and other harmful particles are being sucked in rather than scattered about, the room?s air quality is improved and allergic reactions or symptoms associated with respiratory problems can be alleviated to a greater extent.

How to Removing Dog Urine Stains from Hardwood Floor: Trick’s

If the crime scene happens to be your hardwood floor,?not even the best vacuum cleaner?will be able to do much, especially if you haven?t dealt with the mishap as soon as it occurred and now have to figure out how to get rid of the dark stain it left behind.

If you managed to catch your dog red handed (red pawed?), you can still pretty much save the situation entirely. Take a few paper towels and apply them on the urine until you?ve sucked everything up. After you?ve picked up all the urine, use another wet paper towel or old rag to go over the spot once again so any potential urine that might have soaked through gets diluted. This will prevent stains from forming and get rid of the smell.

More advanced steps

If the urine has had time to settle the best option is to try and minimize the damage. A good way to neutralize the smell is a natural solution made up of water and white vinegar. Mix half a cup of it for every gallon of water and apply this to the odorous spot.

Let that sit for about 5-10 minutes and wipe it up afterwards. Be sure to put a drop of the solution onto a hidden part of the floor first to see if it gets discolored.

Things might get a bit more complicated if urine has managed to seep into the floor and has created a darker stain. Not only is this the hardest type of stain to get out, but it can cause permanent discoloration and damage to the hardwood floor.

Worst case scenario, you?ll have to replace the affected part of the floor if the stain is too dark or has caused mold to grow. However, before you take such a drastic measure, there is one more thing left to try.

Since you can?t really remove a stain that has become so deeply ingrained, the next best thing is to try and make it as aesthetically unobtrusive as possible. In order to accomplish this, you?ll need to use hydrogen peroxide.

Gently apply a standard 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide on the stain and observe its effects. This might just be enough, but you might also need to sand the affected area lightly and then apply varnish to it.

Accidents like this are bound to happen even?if you clean your hardwood floors regularly. There?s really not that much that can be done to prevent this kind of thing from happening at least a couple of times while your dog is still learning, so the best thing you can do is to take things In stride and use this opportunity to teach your dog about its responsibilities more quickly.

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair 2019: Buying Guide and Reviews

As a pet owner, I?m sure you will agree with me when I say that cleaning pet hair is very difficult.

A standard vacuum cleaner will struggle to clean it up, as the suction isn?t powerful enough. Basically, in order to ensure a clean home, you need to get the best pet hair vacuum cleaner. These are specifically designed for this purpose and are much more effective than normal hoovers.

The issue today though, is that the vast amount of choice available on the market. All of these different products claim to do the job but there are only a few options that actually do it well.

Due to this, we have decided to compile a list of the best options available on the market right now. We look at a whole range of aspects, ranging from the different features to the price.

There are some expensive products on the list and some cheap ones. Our primary goal is to find the best vacuum cleaner, both in terms of usage and in providing you excellent value for money.

Without making you wait further, let?s get started on this list.

The Best Vacuum Cleaners for Removing Pet Hair

1. Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog ? Upright

Whether you have a cat or a dog, or both, you won?t find a better pet vacuum cleaner than the Miele U1. Saying that, you also won?t find one that is more expensive!

Believe it or not, the Miele U1 will set you back an absolute fortune. Now, while this won?t be justifiable to most people, there is no denying that it is the best hoover out there.

It?s extremely powerful and works well on all types of surfaces, including area rugs, carpets and smooth floor surfaces. It?s not only great for removing pet hair, but is probably the best vacuum cleaner you can buy.

The SwivelNeck technology offers excellent maneuverability, so you can easily clean around chair legs or low furnishings.

The Active AirClean filter combines with an active charcoal exhaust cassette to clean output air to 99.9%, which is excellent for pet owners.

The main benefit that this active charcoal cassette provides though is the removal of odors from the exhaust air. You won?t get the ?dusty? smell that is noticeable from most other hoovers, as the bag gets fuller.

We found that this works very well, and the air was not only very clean, but also odor free.

You can easily adjust the height based on the surface without losing any suction thanks to the spring-loaded brush roller.

The bright LED headlight is a very handy feature and illuminates the area being cleaned. It?s nothing major but is a nice feature to have.

The included mini Turbobrush is excellent when cleaning cut-pile carpets and delicate upholstery. On top of that, you can easily clean stairs and remove any cat or dog hair from your furnishings with ease thanks to this tool.

There?s no point in boring you with specifications because most people don?t care about that. We also realize that this option won?t be the most popular choice, looking at the price tag.

However, if you?re getting tired of constantly buying 1 or 2 hoovers per year only for them not to function properly, and want to invest in a long term solution, the Miele U1 is simply the best vacuum for pet hair.

2.?The Dyson DC39 Animal ? Canister

Like most Dyson products, the DC39 Animal is going to cost you a pretty penny. However, such is the Dyson brand name that you know just how good their products are.

You get a 5-year parts and labor warranty with the DC39, as long as you buy from an authorized reseller. This will keep your mind at easy, especially since it will cost you such a hefty price. Dyson?s patented Radial Root Cyclone technology ensures easy cleaning and no loss of suction.

When we tested the DC39, we thought it worked very well on all types of flooring, except for carpet. Considering the fact that it is such an expensive product, we felt it struggled on carpets. However, on hardwood flooring (laminate and tile), it was excellent. The suction is incredibly powerful and it is arguably the best vacuum for hard floors at this price.

The design is stylish and it?s hard to believe that such a small machine can be so powerful. With Dyson?s brand name and 5-year warranty, you know that the DC39 Animal will be a top quality product. It is definitely expensive, but if you have quite a few pets and need to clean your hardwood floors effectively, it is perfect.

3.?Shark Navigator ? Upright

The upright Shark Navigator is one of the best-selling hoovers on the market right now.

It is extremely lightweight and very easy to use. In fact, due to its swivel steering technology, it?s very easy to maneuver around and clean those difficult areas.

The extra large canister has a capacity of 0.55 gallons, which is very convenient, as you don?t have to keep emptying it out. A hard floor attachment is included and is perfect for picking up any debris you can see. Along with this, a microfiber pad is included and helps to wipe away the tiniest of particles.

Also included are the powerful pet attachments, which quickly lift up any hair. The powerful suction helps to pick up any dirt you can see, and removes the embedded dirt you can?t see. The Navigator is excellent when cleaning any type of surface, whether it?s a bare floor, an area rug, or even an extremely thick carpet.

The sealed vacuum technology combined with superior HEPA filtration helps to capture and hold over 99.9% of dust and allergens inside it. All of this makes the Navigator one of the best quality products to buy, not only if you have lots of pets but for cleaning in general.

Upon testing, we found the Navigator to work very well and quickly remove pet hair from all types of surfaces.

Considering its price, the Shark Navigator is a bargain and we would not hesitate in recommending it to you. It?s obviously nowhere near as good as the Miele U1 Cat & Dog, but it?s also 3 times cheaper.

To us, the differences aren?t worth spending three times as much so if you?re looking save money, buy the Shark Navigator.

4.?Hoover WindTunnel UH30310 ? Upright

This Hoover T-Series upright vacuum cleaner is excellent for cleaning any hair left by your pets. The Windtunnel Technology helps to remove any embedded dirt and minimizes the annoying blowback of dirt on carpets that we have all experienced at some point.

The carbon HEPA filters help to trap 99.9% of all dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns. All pet odors are absorbed by carbon effectively as well. We really liked how easy it was to use this hoover. The one touch release system lets you easily and quickly access the bag while the clean-drop system releases the entire bag directly into the trash with just one push of a button.

There is also a one-touch system that helps to easily transition between carpet and hard floors. All of this leads to a very easy and efficient vacuum for cleaning your home.

The 12-foot stretch hose makes it incredibly easy to clean areas of extended reach and the included pet upholstery tool is excellent to use. It has rubber wipers that easily pull stubborn cat or dog hair away from all upholstery.

To put it simply, the Hoover WindTunnel UH30310 really impressed us. It was easy to use and did the job very well. Perhaps the best aspect of this is its price, which is quite low compared to other similar products. It is a little noisy, but that?s probably the only negative point about it. Having tested it extensively, we felt that it picked up literally everything and was smooth to run.

There is a 2-year warranty included to put your mind at ease and Hoover is obviously very well-known when it comes to creating a high quality vacuum for cleaning. You can be sure that you?re getting one of the best quality products if you buy this upright hoover.

Best Vacuum Cleaner under $100

1.?BISSELL CleanView 9595A ? Upright

The BISSELL CleanView 9595A is the best option if you want a high quality vacuum within the $100 price bracket. It might be cheap but trust us when we say that this matches up very well against the more expensive options.

It?s lightweight, but has an extremely powerful suction as well as an innovative brush design and multi-level filtration. BISSELL?s ?OnePass? technology ensures more efficient and thorough cleaning.

What we liked about the 9595A was that it was able to maintain its powerful suction for a long time so you literally have no trouble cleaning the entire house.

The included TurboBrush Tool works very well and is perfect for cleaning the stairs, furniture and even upholstery.

The most important thing though, is that the 9595A is excellent when it comes to cleaning hair left by your pets. We compared it with an expensive Oreck vacuum and the results were shocking. The Oreck didn?t pick up anywhere near as much pet hair as the BISSELL 9595A.

It?s quite easy to use, and very easy to clean. All you do is empty the dirt tank and once you?ve done that, you just wash the sponge filter.

With its low price tag, the BISSELL CleanView 9595A is a top quality hoover and provides excellent value for money.

2.?Bissell 33A1 ? Handheld

The BISSELL 33A1 is the only handheld product that was worthy to be included on this list. The 33A1 surprisingly works extremely well for pet hair removal if you consider how low its price it.

Obviously you shouldn?t make this your main vacuum for home cleaning, but it is very good if you want to quickly clean any cat or dog hair, or clean up any dry messes.

The bagless design means this is a very lightweight hoover. In fact, it weighs less than 5 lbs and is very easy to carry around when cleaning small messes.

Considering that it is a handheld, the BISSELL 33A1 is very powerful and has multi-level filtration.

It comes with 2 specially designed nozzles. The included rubber nozzle has been designed to attract hair and easily pulls out dirt on the stairs and upholstery. Upon testing, we actually found it to work quite well.

There is also a hard nozzle, which is used for cleaning dry messes or your car interior.

Overall, the BISSELL 33A1 is very easy to use and works extremely well in removing pet hair. It comes with a 1-year warranty should any issues arise.

At this price, it would be a very handy addition to your current cleaning equipment and would be perfect when you need something to clean up a small mess.


To finish things off, let me just say that all 6 of these options are great if you want to keep your home clean and free from any hair left by your pets.

The Miele U1 Cat & Dog has an absurd price tag but there is no denying that it really is the best pet hair vacuum. If you have the money and simply want the best, you will struggle to find anything better than this.

The Dyson DC39 is a fantastic hoover but has a similar price tag. With the DC39, you know that you will be getting a top quality piece of kit from a very reputable brand. Still though, you will have to fork out big money?so make sure to keep that in mind.

The Shark Navigator is a solid product and does very well to remove pet hair. We found the pet attachments to be quite good and the suction to be very powerful. It also works well on all surfaces, which is always a plus point. Overall, when you look at its modest price tag, it?s an excellent option and will be perfect for most people.

The BISSELL CleanView 9595A is a great option if you want a top quality hoover but are looking to save as much money as possible. It?s very easy to use and the added attachments are superb.

If you want to save as much money as possible, while still getting the best vacuum cleaner, don?t hesitate to go for the BISSELL CleanView 9595A.

The Best Dancing Water Speakers 2019: Top Pick’s By an Expert User!

Most people have never heard of water speakers before.

As the name would suggest, these are no ordinary speakers. To be honest, it?s quite difficult to perfectly describe the functionality aspect of these.

Essentially, this functionality is set in sync with music. This means that you?ll be witnessing fountain speakers that perform in co-ordination with water, colorful LED lights and music.

Before buying this kind of product, it?s essential that we go through the associated advantages and disadvantages alongside the factors to consider before making the purchase.

While this can be discussed a little bit later, it?s important to acknowledge that not many people have knowledge when it comes to buying these. This means that not many people would be aware of the overall quality and which speakers to go for.

Our team aims to solve this by reviewing 5 of the best-rated products that we believe are associated with top quality and a top value. We have narrowed these down from a long list of products that consisted of almost every model available on the market in 2016!

Here?s what we thought of our favorite picks!

Dancing Water Speakers Reviews

1. Sharper Image SBT5002

The Sharper Image SBT002 is a highly impressive pair of dancing speakers. This utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology that ensures that the connection is established quickly and without any issues.

When it comes to sound quality, I believe that this is an area where this model beats every other product on the list. The SBT5002s are quite small but pack a huge punch when you listen to them. It comes with a separate subwoofer and unexpectedly; this ensured that the lower frequencies were incredible to listen to. The sound quality really was a big surprise and absolutely excellent! To be honest, I?d consider this product to be a full on sound system than just a pair of speakers with water shooting up and down!

The SBT5002s come in a unique cone-shaped design and will definitely look great anywhere you put them in your home. As mentioned above, the size is quite small so it doesn?t take up that much space, another underrated advantage of such speakers. The lights and water combination is highly appealing to the eye and perform perfectly in sequence with the music. I found the light show to be excellent!

In other areas, these dancing water speakers are easy to set up and very easy to use. It will cost a little bit more than most of the other products on the list but in my opinion this is totally worth it due to the superior sound quality.

2. Svance Portable Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker

When compared to the SoundSOUL model above, this Svance unit comes as a single speaker. Despite this, I?d associate it with top quality. It might look tiny in the images but it comes in a good size and looks really nice. I do think the size is big/quite large when compared to other similar speakers. This is a compliment rather than a disadvantage. In my opinion, it?s probably the best-looking product that we came across, as the design is very unique.

We were also very impressed with the performance. The way the water shot up was great and this worked perfectly with 6 colored lights. The visual effects of the lighting were particularly a great sight to witness. If you use these while watching a movie for example, I doubt you?ll actually be paying attention to the movie itself!

Regarding other features, I found the build quality to be superb. It definitely seems like high quality material has been used to construct this model.

The sound quality was great and quite clear. This Svance speaker can play very loudly too. Another aspect that was superior with this model was the battery life. This will usually allow you to play music for over 6 hours, which is a significant upgrade to the SoundSOUL speakers above.

There are several other advantages of this model that allow it to be one of the best water speakers on the market in 2016. For example, we do get a nice carry bag that will keep the product protected when not in use. Additionally, there is a SD card slot at the back and you can use this to play your music directly.

I felt that the overall quality was superb as there wasn?t any particular flaw that we noticed. The wireless function was effective, the sound and the design aspects were excellent while the price was very affordable indeed!

3. SoundSOUL Dancing Music Fountain 5th Generation

This model is the latest created by SoundSOUL. But to be honest, it looks and performs very similarly to the older versions. Perhaps, the main difference (and probably advantage) of this version is that it has a wireless feature. This means that you?ll easily be able to play any music using Bluetooth on your smartphone or laptop without experiencing the usual hassle associated with wires. The technology used is Bluetooth 4.0 and this ensures that the connection is established much quicker than other wireless speakers. If you?re not too keen on using this feature, you can always make the connection with an AUX cable.

In terms of aesthetics, these speakers are quite visually appealing. But I was most impressed with the way the water jets up in co-ordination to the music. The sequence was accurate and combined perfectly with the LED lights. Within the product, there are 4 different lights, all of which are multi-colored. You can also increase or decrease the volume and the fountain effect will be stronger/weaker according to this.

In terms of the build quality, we felt that this model was good but nothing special. By this I mean that it won?t be particularly sturdy.

Similarly, the sound quality was average but it was still quite crisp and relatively clear. Despite this, I doubt people actually buy these types of speakers for the sound quality. In fairness, these products are purchased for their special waterfall/fountain visual effects rather than the sound.

In terms of the battery, I thought that this was okay and you?ll be able to listen to music for two to three hours. This isn?t something that impressed me but you can always recharge the battery and start the music again.

This SoundSOUL model is modestly priced so I wasn?t expecting anything incredible. However, for the price, the overall quality did impress me and I?d have no qualms in recommending these as one of the best water speakers in terms of value and performance.

4. Rebelite Aura v1

The Rebelite Aura v1 is a model that has a very similar design to the Sharper Image SBT5002. However, this model can?t be associated with a similar level of quality and performance. After all, it is a lot cheaper!

It has a wireless function that is quite efficient but that?s a norm when looking at these types of water light speakers. You can start playing the music straight away by connecting these wirelessly with your iPhone or any other smartphone.

Like the previous products we?ve spoken about, the Aura v1 water speakers perform on a similar level due to the stunning water show. The water pulses accurately with the beat and in a way that you can truly appreciate. However, this model isn?t as loud as you?d expect or want. In addition to this, if you raise the volume at too high a level on your music device, the distortion will drive you nuts. That was the main drawback that we noticed with the Aura v1. Other than this, everything else was good but not quite amazing.

The design is quite eye catching whilst the fountain effect is brilliant. The product is very easy to set up and simple to use. On top of this, it?s quite cheap and certainly the most affordable one to choose from the 5 on our list.

5. SoundSOUL Dancing Music Fountain 4th?Generation

This SoundSOUL model is very similar to the latest generation model that we spoke about earlier. However, this is a bit cheaper due to the lack of a Bluetooth function. Obviously, this is something that we?d consider to be a big disadvantage as the wires can tangle and cause a lot of hassle. In my opinion, it?s worth spending a little bit more and getting the wireless version.

Other than that, we?re looking at a pair of water speakers associated with very good quality. These have 4 different multi-colored led lights through which you?ll be able to witness water jets squirting up and down when the music is played. This leads to a terrific water show or fountain or waterfall or whatever you want to call it.

The sound quality associated with this light up dancing fountain is quite good but falls way short of being excellent. But this should be sufficient for someone who isn?t an audio enthusiast.

One main advantage of this particular model is that there are several colors to choose from. This means that you could get whichever color you or your child needs and even make the decision based on the d?cor of the room you?ll be keeping these.

In general, the product is extremely simple to set up and use. And considering the fact that the price is so low, this might be an excellent and cost-effective purchase for you. BUT only if you?re willing to cope with the wires!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Water Dancing Speakers

Whether it is for themselves or for their children, a lot of people buy these due to the incredible visual effects created by the combination of an almost waterfall-like motion and colorful LED lights.

Witnessing these speakers in action will instantly instill a little bit of happiness in you. Well, I was certainly mesmerized when I listened to music through these for the first time.

The impressive function of these products is all well and good but how can you ensure that you?ve selected the very best model? Well, the reviews of the top 5 models should do well to help you. However, some of the best products may not be suitable for certain individuals. What you need to do is consider some other factors in addition to the reviews in order to make the best possible buying decision.

The first of these is the cost of the best water speakers. While most models are priced at similar levels, there are some that are cheaper and others that are a bit more costly. To be honest, this doesn?t usually impact the quality. It really depends on which model is your favorite and which one is more visually appealing to you personally. At the end of the day though, you?ll need to buy a product that fits your budget.

While some models are available as a single unit, some products are available in multiple pieces ? usually pairs. You need to decide if you?re okay with a single unit or if you need a pair with each unit taking it?s place on either side of a desktop for example.

Another important factor or feature to consider is the wireless Bluetooth feature. Some light speakers are available with a wireless feature that will allow you to use them with Bluetooth on your smartphone. However, some models are wired and may cause a little bit of hassle. The wired models can be a little bit cheaper but you can easily find a wireless model for a similar price.

It?s essential that you take account of some of these factors to ensure that no mistakes are made and your final decision is one that you don?t regret in the future! The detailed reviews of the individual led speakers should allow you to do this!

Final Words?

After reading the reviews and considering some of the factors above, hopefully you?re ready to come to a decision. To be honest, buying the best water speakers should be a simple decision for you after reading this guide.

I say this because you know the quality of all the top models. Most of them are very reasonably priced and have similar performance levels in terms of the dancing water show. However, they do differ somewhat in terms of the sound quality and the actual design.

When it comes to the design, the model that impressed us the most was the Svance portable speaker. The design of this is excellent and is built very uniquely. It?s also associated with great overall quality.

When it comes to the sound quality however, by far the most superior model was the Sharper Image SBT5002. This was probably the best pair to buy but it is a bit more expensive and so may not suit everyone.

Despite this, it?s important to note that all of the top 5 products are associated with superb value and perform greatly in their own right. Most people will be buying these for their children and I guarantee that your children will be just as mesmerized by the led light fountain effect as you!

Best Electric Smoker: Out for Father?s Day!

Oftentimes, we try way too hard and look for fancy gifts that may or may not be that effective is creating a special atmosphere. I?m sure he?ll appreciate your efforts but the most important tip I can give to anyone is that spend a little bit of time with your Dad. A lot of people don?t realize this but time spend with your Dad is often the best Father?s day gift.

So, instead of going all out and doing your research on the best possible gift, try and plan some activities and spend the entire day with him. Whether that be fishing or carrying out any other activity that he is fond of.

You also need to remember that Dad?s love eating and a BBQ?is usually at the top of this list. Why not pull out your Dad?s favorite?electric smoker?and spend the day fishing, cooking and eating with him? Just having the day with your father will make him appreciate your relationship a lot more.

When it comes to using that electric smoker and smoking food in general, your father probably has a favorite dish that he hasn?t tried or would love to eat. Why not try and getting an idea of this and making this with him? It is bound to turn into a great day and a memorable experience for you both.

Father?s day usually arrives at the peak grilling season and during this time, a lot of Dad?s actually spend time carrying out their own special cooking methods. This means that alongside spending some quality cooking time with him, you could even get a special grilling gift that he has wanted for quite some time. For example, a branding iron might be great fun for a father that has always loved to grill. The fact that this tool will allow him to mark his name on every piece of meat might be appealing. Getting a smoker box will allow him to obtain that classic smoked meat flavor.

All of these things will be important to him but you need to remember that you?ll have to make this day all about him. Make him feel like that most special Dad and I?m sure you?ll be overjoyed after seeing the happiness on his face. Father?s day is just a few days away so let?s not waste any more time and get started with all that planning.

Start making a checklist and write down what he loves to do best and do everything to make it possible. But just remember that you must be there with him to make it an unforgettable day for him.

Propane vs Electric Smoker: Which is Better?

Electric smokers

If you?want your smoked ribs to come out perfectly?without much fuss, an electric smoker is the right choice for you. Te electric variety?s best selling point is its programmability. All you have to do is choose what type of meat you want to smoke and for how long, put that into the smoker?s controls and wait until the food is ready. Some advanced models are even supplied with apps that keep you informed about the temperature of both the meat and the smoker so you can replenish the wood chips at exactly the right time. The best models are also insulated so you can prepare the meat in cold as well as in hot climates. Another cool feature electric models possess I the ability to cold smoke the meat, but you should be aware of the potential health hazards if this is done improperly.

Naturally, there are also drawbacks to going electric. The most complained about one is that electric smokers aren?t generally as spacious as propane models, meaning that you won?t be able to lay some larger meat chunks like brisket on its side and will have to hang it instead. Some use special wood disks which can be a hassle to get if your local store doesn?t happen to carry any. Another major concern is their smaller heat output ? if you want the best results you?ll need to get a more expensive model and make alterations to your power grid since 110 volts just won?t be able to cut it.

Propane cookers

Propane models are best regarded for their portability and size. Since there?s no need for a power source, you can take it along on a camping trip and enjoy a delicious smoked meal. Because power isn?t a constraint, they can be bigger while working as effectively as electrics. If your smoker happens to break, replacing parts for a propane powered one is much easier since most hardware stores carry them and you don?t need an electrician to replace the faulty parts.

The biggest drawback to a propane smoker is the fact that you?ll constantly have to watch the fuel gauge. Since the fuel can run out at a critical moment, it is advisable to always have a full spare propane tank handy to avoid this.

In the end, if your smoking needs are modest and you don?t plan on roughing it,?a good electric smoker might be right up your alley. On the other hand, if you like to indulge in larger projects and don?t want to compromise on your smoker?s size and portability, propane is the way to go.

Char-Broil Simple Smoker: Reviews By an Expert!

Are you sick and tired of having to attend to the coals in a barbecue pit for hours on end without really knowing if you?re smoking your meat the right way? What you need is a reliable electric smoker?that takes the guesswork out of the smoking process and puts you directly in control. The folks over at Char-Broil know exactly how it feels like to get a hankering for some ham or?finely-seasoned smoked ribs?and have come up with the Simple Smoker to help you get the best results without much fuss.

A direct upgrade to the Big Easy Electric Smoker, this model shows that the manufacturer has taken most user complaints into account and designed a new and improved product that smokes your meat easier and with more flavor.

Since this is an electric model, there?s a heating element that runs around its cooking chamber, which is essentially a tube made out of stainless steel with a concave end. A dripping pan is used to collect grease and is placed under the end. Inside there are two cooking baskets. The bigger, primary one has removable half-shelves that can be adjusted to better position the food. A smaller, secondary basket sits atop the first one and is best used for side dishes you want to smell of smoke or meat that can be prepared at a lower temperature. Speaking of which, the smoker is able to operate at temperatures of up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking (not so) smart

At least on paper, we were particularly pleased with the new built-in smart technology, a digital thermometer probe that can measure both the smoker?s current temperature and the core temperature of the meat being cooked. Based on that, you can set the smoker to alert you when it is time to add new wood chips or when the meal is done. Once the meat has been smoked to your satisfaction, the machine will initiate a temperature drop and keep the meat warm until it is ready to be consumed.

The smoker can be set to operate for a fixed time, but it is more advisable to use its other option, smoking the meat until its core temperature reaches the desired threshold since not all meat behaves in the same way and won?t be thoroughly done just because you think it should.

This would be all fine and dandy if not for the annoying fact that most operations are performed using a supplied app. This wouldn?t be a problem if the app behaved as it should, which it doesn?t most of the time. Customers have reported that the cooker refuses to start if it hasn?t established a Wi-fi connection to a phone, and that the app in general isn?t trustworthy.

If you can get past this Char-Broil?s Simple Smoker is a decent machine when it comes to its overall performance and physical capabilities. It might not be ready for the internet of things just yet, but if you manage to use it properly the results will surely not disappoint.

How to Vacuum Seal Containers

There are many benefits to sealing your food up in bags the air has been sucked out of, the most important of which is the fact that food preserved in this manner lasts and keeps its freshness much longer since moisture and harmful bacteria are kept out while the food?s own flavor remains preserved.

This effect can be enhanced even further by freeze-drying the food first and then placing it into a vacuum bag.

Making it last

Extending your food?s longevity in this manner is easy.

First, you?ll need to have appropriate bags handy. It?s best to use the ones that are recommended by your model?s manufacturer since they go hand in hand with each other. Some sealers allow for any kind of bag to be used, but check whether this is true for your model just to be sure since not every sealer can accommodate every bag size.

Most bags come rolled up and are sealed only at the sides while the top and bottom are created once you actually need it. Place the bag roll inside the machine and roll it out until you have the desired length.

Your sealer should have a built-in cutting knife you can use to cut an even piece out of the bag roll. Once that is taken care of, place one end of the bag inside the appropriate slot in the machine and seal it. Make sure that the seal holds and that there is ample room in the bag.

Now that you?ve made the bottom, it is time to put the food in. How you handle this part is mostly up to personal preference, but it might be a good idea to make roughly equal, portion-sized bags you can open up later and have the exact amount of ingredients for a specific meal handy. You can weigh the food beforehand if you?re so inclined, or use your best judgement if the portion size isn?t that important.

Once the food has been portioned out, repeat the step outlined above to completely seal the bag up. Some models automatically proceed to suck the air out of the bag if you?ve specified that this is the last side that needs to be sealed. If your model doesn?t have that feature, give the bag a good squeeze before vacuuming to ensure that there are no holes in it.

And there you have it ? perfectly preserved food that will keep much longer than usual. You don?t need to limit yourself to that however. You can preserve much more than just food, provided it can fit inside the bag. Resealing chip bags, sealing important documents or supplies, and even linens are all exciting new options ?you can play around with. Take a look at?some of the best vacuum sealers on the market?today and never worry about spoiled food again.

The Best French Press Coffee Maker 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

Coffee is consumed all over the world ? mostly in the comfort of our homes.

When it comes to this, most of us are quite fussy about the brewing method we adopt.

While some people end up using a normal drip machine that has filters, achieving superior quality and taste can be made possible using the best French press!

You see, this type of coffee maker holds many advantages when compared to the standard drip machine! While, some of these points are discussed in detail below, the bottom line is that if you?ve never tried this before, prepare to be wowed!

The first step you need to take is to find the best French press coffee maker available. These can be extremely affordable and definitely worth trying. However, due to the sheer number of products available, you may find it quite challenging to find the right one.

As a result of this, our entire team has carried out extensive research to find the top 10 highest quality sets that?d be worth buying. Some of these have been reviewed in detail and compared to one another to help you find the best model. During this process, great focus has been placed to find products associated with a top price-performance ratio.

French Press Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Frieling Polished 18/10

If you?re looking for a premium product and are willing to spend big for it then you won?t go wrong with this Frieling coffee press. As soon as you check this out, you?ll sense a real element of quality.

The polished stainless steel has a mirror finish that looks quite sleek. In addition to this, the steel is a sturdier option to glass plungers that can sometimes be prone to damage. We certainly found it to be beautiful looking, well made and extremely durable to handle.

When it comes to performance, this is where the press was most impressive. The brewing process was easy to conduct and the coffee was ready within minutes and boy was it tasty! This French pot really allowed me to taste every little bit of flavor of the coffee bean, which is exactly what you want when using a French press!

In addition to this, the design is double-walled and is well insulated. This means that it retains heat far better than a glass model. I noticed how my tea and coffee remained hot for longer than I?d previously experienced.

After we were done, it came down to cleaning up. In this situation, the positive aspect of this particular model was that all the parts could be disassembled and placed in the dishwasher.

After evaluating all the factors, we felt that this Frieling was excellent and everything about it oozed quality. Frieling as a brand are terrific too ? the reputation of their customer service is famous amongst their existing customers!

In overview, this is a fantastic coffee press and received a near-perfect score from us. Though the price is quite high, you shouldn?t consider any other model if you can afford this one. It?s bound to last a long time and if anything goes wrong then Frieling are usually quick to lend a helping hand!

2. KONA 34 Oz French Pot

When compared to the Frieling unit we?ve just talked about, the KONA French pot couldn?t be any more different.

This is mainly made from a combination of glass and plastic. While this is inferior to stainless steel, it?s worth pointing out that this will cost you around four times less than the Frieling model. This alone is sufficient for some and is a convincing factor for most.

In fairness, this is a very simple French press and one that goes about its task without causing any problems. Despite the lack of stainless steel, the set still looks relatively attractive and you certainly won?t be ashamed to serve your guests with this pitcher. I actually liked the design as the plastic handle provided good support and the overall piece looked quite elegant.

The product also features clear borosilicate glass that looks and feels quite sturdy. This means that just because there is glass involved, you shouldn?t be afraid of it breaking. The best thing to do is to take the necessary precautions as you normally would when dealing with extremely hot coffee.

As mentioned above, the glass is quite thick and combines well with the outer shell to provide a little bit of insulation. While this will be nowhere near as good as the Frieling model at retaining heat, it should be sufficient for most average users!

In terms of brewing, I found this affordable press to be quite effective. At the end of the process, we were still left with delicious-tasting coffee. On top of this, we didn?t experience any sediment at the bottom, which is always a good sign.

Most average users look for a good value when buying an product like this. This is a factor where this particular model excels. When it comes to the price-performance value, you?re probably looking at the best French press on the market!

3. SterlingPro 8 Cup/4 Mug

Our third favorite product was made by Sterling Pro and is currently priced at the similar level of the KONA carafe above.

With this model, Sterling Pro has focused on a design that prevents grounds in your coffee. In order to minimize these, they have designed a double screen system. The second screen aims to catch and remove any tiny grounds that have managed to pass through the first screen. As a result of this, you?ll be able to make an incredibly smooth cup of coffee! I do think that this works quite efficiently and we do get a really great-tasting cup of coffee bursting with robust and rich flavor!

When it comes to looks, this French pot is fairly attractive. Even though it?s made from glass, I quite liked the finish. The borosilicate glass is heat-resistant and seems to be quite durable too though this won?t match a carafe made from stainless steel.

After testing this model for quite a bit of time, the general feeling was that this was very easy to use and certainly very easy to clean. This is a high quality carafe and one that is available for a relatively cheap price tag.

4. SterlingPro Double Wall

This SterlingPro product isn?t made from glass. In fact, it?s a stainless steel French press for a modest price. It looks quite good but not as good as the polished Frieling press discussed above though this is considerable cheaper!

I certainly found it more appealing than your typical glass carafes. This would also be more durable and last longer than damage-prone glass French pots!

This model has a double walled structure, which aims to retain heat for as long as possible. This will ensure that your drink is kept warm. In addition to this, the exterior is cool to touch so there won?t be any chance of burning yourself! The steel handle also feels very solid!

Just like the previous SterlingPro model above, this one also includes two screens. The main aim of this structural feature is to prevent the entry of any sediment into our coffee. This will ultimately lead to the creation of a cup of delicious smooth coffee that is abundant with the natural smell and flavor of the coffee bean!

In overview, this is a high-quality well-rounded product! It is durable, makes great coffee and is also very easy to clean!

5. Bodum Chambord 8 Cup

The Bodum Chambord cafetiere looks highly attractive due to the unique design and effective combination of glass, stainless steel and plastic. I think this piece should fit in really well with the rest of your kitchen appliances and d?cor.

When handling the product, you can clearly notice the durability. The borosilicate glass feels quite thick and the rest of the pieces seem to have been put together quite well. Despite this, glass will be glass and there?s a higher chance of damage when compared to a stainless steel model.

This carafe utilizes a 3-part filter that will ensure that the best flavor of the bean is instilled into the drink. The standards would be pleasant for the greatest of coffee enthusiasts. The best part about all of this is that the preparation is simple to carry out and the total time to prepare this is only a couple of minutes!

Alongside great taste, another massive advantage of this cafetiere is the price, which will be affordable for most of us. It is also relatively simple to clean as all the parts can be placed in the dishwasher!

However, in addition to some terrific positive points, we also came across one main disadvantage. We noticed that there wasn?t a noticeable heating element incorporated into the design. As a consequence, there won?t be much heat retention when the drink is in the press!

Regardless of this, you?re looking at a high quality press for a very good price.

The Purpose of French Presses?

Before being introduced to this, most people have never even heard of this method of brewing. However, it?s actually quite a common method used by coffee enthusiasts. Certainly, it?s thought to be the best way to get all the delicate flavors of the coffee bean.

During the preparation, you need to buy (or manually grind) coarse ground coffee. This needs to be placed into the French pot with hot water added on top. This ultimately leads to extremely rich taste when compared to the typical drip coffee makers that we normally use. The rich taste is mainly due to the fact that hot water immerses all of the grounds and not all of the oils from this are filtered. When you?re at this stage you need to wait for a few minutes (typically around 4 minutes) following which you?ll need to slowly press down the plunger. The end-result is a terrific tasting coffee that is full of flavor.

There are several advantages held by the best quality French press over a traditional machine:

During the brewing process, the bean needs to be heated at a specific temperature in order to get the best flavors. A French pot allows for the best possible technique as the water is heated separately. This can be heated to a specific temperature before coming into contact with the grounds. There?s a lot of flexibility involved as you can adjust the temperature to get more or less flavor according to your own requirements!

The strength of the flavor also depends on the duration of time that the grounds are in contact with water with the optimum time being around 4 minutes. Obviously, you can increase/decrease this according to your own preferences.

It?s often said that the best flavor from the coffee is contained in oils in the grounds. The form of brewing ensures that there are no filters that remove these grounds. As a consequence, you?re left with a very rich and flavorful cup of coffee!


There are a lot of coffee enthusiasts that will advise you to go for the best French press! They believe that this brewing method provides a far greater accuracy and all the flavorful oils are intact in the final cup that you make.

As a result of this, our team has carried out extensive research to find a high quality coffee French pot. We have reviewed our top five models and recommended another five to make up our top ten list. All of these products are associated with excellent overall quality and will provide you with a great value for money!