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Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors 2019: Top Pick’s By an Expert

Hardwood floors look fantastic and can completely change the entire design of your home. The only problem is that they?re very tough to clean and considered by many to be ?high maintenance?.

Unlike carpets, it?s not very easy to ?hide? dirt and grime on hardwood floors. On top of that, getting them cleaned from a professional will cost you a fortune. Due to this, we thought it would be a good idea to try and find the best hardwood floor vacuum on the market right now.

A good hoover can make your life a lot easier and will ensure your hardwood floors stay clean and in tip top condition. We wanted to find a product, which not only performed admirably, but was also affordable and offered the best value for money.

In the end, we came up with a list of the 6 best vacuum cleaners. Some are quite expensive and others are quite affordable. Everyone has their own budget when it comes to a good hoover so we wanted to make sure there are plenty of choices for everyone.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for the Money

1. Dyson Ball Multi Floor ? Upright

Anyone who is looking to buy a new hoover will have heard of Dyson before. They?re the more premium brand out there and make top quality products. This multi floor upright vacuum is certainly no exception.

The suction is absolutely incredible. In fact, we haven?t seen any other product within this price range that even comes close to this. It literally is that powerful.

The cleaner head is self-adjusting so you don?t need to worry about changing anything when you move across carpets and hard floor. The ball design of this hoover allows it to steer easily into places with little room. This, along with Dyson?s Radial Root Cyclone technology ensures that even microscopic dust is not left behind.

Make no mistake; this is a very hygienic cleaner. It has whole-machine HEPA filtration and is actually certified as asthma & allergy friendly. It?s very easy to use and quick to empty out. All you have to do is press a button, and the bag releases the dirt. This ensures good hygiene, as you will not have to touch any dirt.

The best thing about this vacuum is the fact that it can be used on pretty much any type of flooring. While it works amazingly well for hardwood floors, it?s also excellent for furniture, rugs, stairs and so on. The manoeuvrability is extremely good. If you?re going to be spending so much money on a hoover, you might as well get one, which is perfect for all types of flooring.

There is one slight complaint we have though. It feels, perhaps a bit too lightweight. Almost flimsy, which is not what you would expect for such a premium product. However, if an issue does arise, you can always fall back on Dyson?s 5-year warranty.

This is most certainly not a cheap product. Considering how expensive it is, most people will not even consider this. However, it is simply the best hardwood floor vacuum and works extremely well on other surfaces as well.

You get the Dyson brand name and know that the quality of this product will be excellent. Due to this, we would highly recommend this Dyson Ball upright cleaner.

2. Miele Classic C1 Olympus ? Canister

This is another expensive hoover, and perhaps, one that is not as well known as the Dyson above. However, Miele generally tend to focus on premium products and this Miele Classic C1 canister hoover is a top quality product.

It?s lightweight and absolutely tiny but don?t let that fool you. Trust us when we say that this is one powerful vacuum. The suction is very strong and works brilliantly on low pile carpeting, hardwood and tile floors.

The included attachments help to easily clean every corner and surface, whether that is delicate items or upholstery. The stainless Steel wand and the XXL handle are both very convenient and ergonomic. They?re perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach places.

While this is a great hoover, there are a couple of negative points we should mention. Upon testing on a thick-carpeted surface, it was quite obvious that this hoover was not designed for it. It performed very poorly and doesn?t have a ?beater bar? that most other upright vacuums have. A ?beater bar? is the roller that is used when hovering carpets.

If you?re planning on using a hoover for thick carpets, don?t even think about purchasing this. You will be severely disappointed. However, if you?re only planning on using it for hardwood, vinyl and tile floors, this is an excellent option.

It?s certainly not cheap and some people might want a cleaner that works on all types of surfaces. However, this can easily match the Dyson above, as the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

3. BISSELL 1161 Hard Floor Deluxe ? Canister

Onto our first ?affordable? product, this Bissell 1161 canister vacuum is very powerful and does an excellent job on hardwood floors. At the same time, it cleans delicately in order to protect your floor surfaces. It also has non-marking wheels, which is a must if you have laminated flooring.

Being a canister hoover, it is compact and very lightweight. The fingertip control lets you control the suction in order to safely clean delicate surfaces like drapes and upholstery. We haven?t really seen that in other products out there so this is definitely a plus point.

There is a hard floor attachment that performs superbly. Basically, in order to avoid any scratches, the soft bristles are gentle on hard floors but tough on messes. What this does is loosens up the dirt. Then, this is picked up by the powerful suction.

Overall, this is very easy to use and clean. Emptying the container is super easy and we didn?t notice any odors that are often released even from the more expensive products out there. Perhaps the only negative point is the short cord but this is shouldn?t affect your decision as it is a very minor point.

At its current price, the Bissell 1161 is a top quality hoover. In this price range, it is arguably the best vacuum for hardwood flooring. At the same time though, it?s also very good on carpet, which is something that we did not expect.

If you?re looking for the best vacuum in this price range, don?t hesitate and go for the Bissell 1161.

4. Hoover BH50010 Linx Cordless ? Stick

Next up, we have the Hoover BH50010. It?s not overly expensive and is a cordless and bagless stick vacuum.

It uses an 18-volt Lithium Ion battery. Just bear in mind that the battery life isn?t great so if you?re thinking about buying this product, you might want to consider an additional battery. You can expect to get roughly 20-30 minutes with the brush on and this might actually be enough for most people. There is a battery life indicator so you know exactly how much time is left.

Like the Miele C1, this is not a great option for carpets. It?s not bad for low pile carpeting, but struggles to perform on a thick-carpeted surface. It?s also not great on the stairs. For starters, there is no stair-handle and you must support from below. After using it for a while, we were getting used to it but this is definitely something to consider.

The one area where this vacuum does excel though is on hardwood floors.

As long as you follow the settings, there are no scratches left on the hardwood and it picks up dust and pet hair quite easily.

It?s also very easy to use and you switch between surface heights and types. Cleaning and emptying the dust cup is simple and hassle free.

Overall, the Hoover BH50010 is a decent hoover and performs well on hardwood floors but might be a bit expensive. The suction isn?t powerful enough as it is a cordless stick vacuum so we would personally recommend some of the other options in this list.

Cheap High Quality Vacuum Cleaners

1. Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite ? Canister

As this Mighty Mite canister hoover is quite cheap, we weren?t expecting anything special. However, the quality of this vacuum totally blew us away.

It?s compact and lightweight, and can be stored conveniently. It doesn?t look too bad either. You get some attachments, including a dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery nozzle. We tested them for a little while and they performed quite well.

It is very powerful, and is brilliant on hardwood floors. At the same time, it?s not overly loud either, which is always a plus point.

The suction isn?t great so if you?re looking for something to clean your carpets and rugs, this is not great. However, if you have mostly bare floors, this is perfect and a bargain.

This vacuum is slightly different to the others. For starters, it uses a HEPA filer system. This can be good for some and bad for others. Basically, this system involves using bags, which will need to be replaced every few weeks. One triple filtration bag system is included with the hoover.

We feel that this bagged system leads to more efficient cleaning. You simply throw it out and no mess is created. Some people might like this. On the other hand, as you would expect, buying bags will increase the overall cost in the long run.

Still, with each bag lasting a good 4-5 months, and replacements costing less than $10, we feel it is more than worth it. This is definitely the best hoover for hardwood floors at this price and we?re still shocked as to how it is so cheap. It truly is a bargain.

2. BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Hard Floor ? Upright

This BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A is a good inexpensive option.

It?s lightweight and can easily manoeuvre around hard-to-reach areas. The suction is extremely powerful, which is very surprising at this price. While the V-shape front edge design may look odd to some, but is very effective in pulling the hair and dirt inside it rather than around it.

It?s also important to note that this vacuum doesn?t have bristles that can scratch the floor. BISSELL instead, opted for a straight plastic strip that is very effective in pulling all hair and particles into the hoover. Cleaning is simple and emptying the hoover makes no mess whatsoever.

Like always, there are sacrifices, especially around the 50-dollar price point. However, in this case, it?s unimportant. Basically, this hoover is very loud, but that?s to be expected with a cheap product that has such a powerful suction. It?s a very small point but something to mention.

Apart from that, if you have hardwood flooring, this is the best vacuum at this price. It is highly recommended especially if you have lots of pets. In our opinion, it is very similar to the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite but a little bit cheaper.


We hope this list has helped you find the best product for you, whatever your requirements.

Like everything, choosing the best option depends on a lot of different aspects. Your budget will obviously play a huge part. If you want the very best vacuum, you will struggle to find a better option than the Dyson Ball.

The Miele C1 is excellent for hardwood floors but struggles to perform on thick-carpeted surfaces. When you?re spending a lot of money on a hoover, it might be best to get a more versatile one like the Dyson Ball but obviously; it depends on your requirements.

The Bissell 1161 is impressive, especially when it comes to hardwood floors. It can be picked up for a?relatively cheap price, so is definitely one to look out for.

Likewise, the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite is excellent and does very well in cleaning hardwood floors. In our opinion, it?s a bargain but the cost of buying bags might not appeal to some of you. If that is the case, you might want to consider the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A. It?s very cheap, and no bags are required. It?s also very good if you have hardwood floors and pets.

We wouldn?t really recommend going for the Hoover BH50010, considering it?s price tag. It?s a bit on the expensive side and not as good as the other options on this list

Best Electric Smoker 2019: Buying Guide and Reviews

You might?ve already noticed something.

Selecting the best electric smoker is by no means an easy task.

The main problem is that you need to ask yourself a lot of questions before you can even start looking.

There?s no doubt that these modern day electric machines provide a major advantage over the traditional wood and charcoal meat smokers.

The way we can automate the entire the process provides a far greater degree of convenience when compared to spending hours and hours doing it the proper way.

But can we achieve that typical barbeque aroma and flavor that can often turn us into drooling fools?

Truth be told, some of the top rated electric meat smokers perform brilliantly. The only challenge involves in separating the good electric machines from the bad.

Our aim is to guide you through the entire process. Our expert reviewers have spent a huge number of hours to check out most of the promising products available on the market in 2016.

Fully focused on providing a great value for money, we have selected the best performing machines and reviewed them in detail. These have also been compared to one another, as exhibited by the table below.

If you?re looking to find out more information on how to select the best smoker then we have a section that?ll guide you through this. This takes account of all the factors that you?ll need to consider before taking the plunge.

Okay, let?s go through this list of the top electric smoker reviews for you and your family!

Finding the Best Electric Smoker for Meat

1. Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch

When it comes to the price-performance value, the Masterbuilt 20070910 cannot be beaten. In fact, it?s the number one bestseller within the Outdoor Cooking category on

It?s certainly one of the cheapest products that you can buy nowadays. Despite the price tag, the 20070910 has been associated with terrific performance and a wide range of amazing features.

Regardless of where you use this machine, you can expect it to stand out. This includes a backyard or an indoor setting!

When you open it up, you can easily see how roomy it is inside. Boasting four racks and plenty of space, this model will be perfect for smoking any kind of meat or fish. The best part about this is that this large amount of space will allow you to cook up to 80 pounds of meat. This is truly fantastic and a factor that will be highly appealing to a large family.

The temperature inside the Masterbuilt 20070910 will be controlled via a thermostat while you?ll get temperature and timer controls to ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly and as per your expectations. It doesn?t even have to be just meat. You can smoke vegetables and even beef jerky with this machine.

This product is also completely insulated and this not only ensures efficient use of energy but it also allows for even cooking.

The 20070910 doesn?t run solely on electricity though. There is a side tray that can be filled with wooden chips. It actually features a wood chip loading mechanism on the side and this has been patented as well. This is another feature that is bound to improve the factor of convenience.

When testing this model out, we found the flavor and taste of the smoked meat to be fantastic. In addition to this, it?s very easy to use and maintains the temperature very well. We found the performance to be even better on cold days.

The only negative point we could see was the lack of wheels on this machine. This means that you won?t be able to move it around as easily as you?d like. However, this is quite a lightweight model so you shouldn?t experience any major problems.

In overview, the Masterbuilt 20070910 is a serious product that is available for a very reasonable price. This ultimately leads to an association with excellent price-performance value. In our opinion, it is definitely the best electric smoker for the money because it is associated with terrific overall quality and some excellent features.

2. Masterbuilt 20070411 30-Inch

We?ve already talked about the Masterbuilt 20070910 being the best electric smoker when it comes to the price-performance value. However, this Masterbuilt 20070411 model is also top rated in regards to this aspect.

There are some differences to the 20070910. Firstly, this will cost you over 100 dollars more. However, the added features do make up for this higher price.

Second of all, there?s a remote control included with this product. This will make it much easier to operate the machine. The 20070411 has a window through which you can observe your food being cooked. On top of this, there?s also a built in light inside of the machine.

One of the flaws of the 20070910 was the lack of wheels. Masterbuilt have solved this problem by adding wheels to the 20070411. This will make it a lot easier to transfer it into your garage when the barbeque is over.

Considering some of the above features, we can easily see that this is one of the best-rated models for sale in 2016. While these are great, the rest of the characteristics are similar to the Master 20070910 discussed above.

For example, there?s a large cooking compartment with 4 racks available to use. When it comes to the overall performance, once again you?ll experience similar results to those observed with the 20070910. The meat will have delicious taste and the aroma will be irresistible!

We all know that the Masterbuilt 20070910 was fantastic and this model is on a very similar level. It just depends on whether you feel that the upgrades are worth the additional cost!

3. The Bradley Original?BS611

If you?re looking to buy a high-end model then you can?t look past this model made by Bradley.

In terms of the aesthetics, this is an absolutely beautiful looking electric smoker. Both the interior and exterior look terrific. Even the build quality is fantastic ? it feels really well built.

There are some features of this model that you may not have seen in other similar products. For example, we get an automatic wood feeder and this works brilliantly to maintain the heat. The heat retention is further enhanced by the fully insulated interior.

If you?re interested to see how this unit performs then you?ll be pleased to hear that this will allow you to cook delicious meat with that delightful smoked flavor. To be honest, everything that we cooked was delicious and that?s not an exaggeration.

Another impressive feature is the fact that there are separate oven and smoke burners within this electric machine. This means that you can even use it as an oven. In addition to this, it?s possible to cold-smoke fish in the most perfect way.

The entire machine is very easy to operate and very easy to set up. There is a good amount of space and four racks to ensure that there?s plenty of storage space. Another advantage of this model is that it can be cleaned very easily.

The bottom line is that this is a high-end electric food smoker. If you?re looking to dig a little bit deeper into your pocket and want to focus on the performance factor only then go for this.

The good thing is that Bradley?s customer service is known to be excellent so if there are any problems, they?ll definitely do all they can to help.

4. Bradley Digital 4-Rack

This unit is very similar to the Original Bradley model we?ve talked about above. In fact, it holds all the features belonging to the older model. However, there are some small differences, which may or may not be significant for you.

Firstly, the main difference is that this is a digital model. This means that every aspect like smoke, temperature and time can be controlled ? basically; you decide the exact conditions of the cooking! The most important thing is that this feature will allow you to adjust everything without much effort.

It has a highly unique mode of operation in the sense that it smokes with a fire. This will not only be safe but also be highly convenient as well.

In addition to this, there is another impressive feature that you probably won?t see with most other models and this involves the ash catcher. This will ensure that you get rid of any waste and make the cleanup process quicker and easier.

When it comes to ideal use, this is more of an outdoor model so it?d be ideal to use in the backyard rather than inside your home.

In terms of the appearance, this is a highly attractive electric machine just like the Original. It?s available in a silver color, which gives off a very unique appearance. We found the build quality to be quite excellent too!

Another significant difference between the two Bradley models is the price. While this is a good smoker under 400 bucks, this can still seem quite expensive.

Obviously, you?re looking at the best electric smoker that is capable of smoking, roasting or barbequing your meat perfectly. It will also be extremely quick and simple to assemble.

However, at such a premium price, we felt that it just didn?t provide that much value when compared to some of the other products we?ve discussed. It?s definitely one of the best products from these electric smoker reviews but we?ll probably consider it to be a little bit expensive.

This doesn?t mean that you shouldn?t buy it. Your final decision depends entirely on how much you?re willing to spend. To be honest, the price tag will be acceptable to some people while others won?t like to spend that much. It really depends on your budget and your personal preferences.

5. Char-Broil Electric Vertical Grill

If you were on the hunt for a cheap electric smoker then it?d be worth taking a look at this Char-Broil model. Costing just over 100 dollars, you?re looking at one of the most affordable models available.

This is a vertical electric meat smoker and this design improves the accessibility of the machine when you?re trying to rotate the meat or refilling the chips.

Considering the modest price tag, we do get a relatively small cooking space. Furthermore, there will only be 3 racks inside. This might not be perfect for everyone but it?s sure to be ideal for someone looking for a small electric meat smoker. However, it is worth noting that the racks are plated with chrome and this is an indication of how good the overall quality is.

When it comes to the performance, there won?t be any problems. After extensive testing, we found that the meat was tender and the delicious smoked flavor could easily be tasted. The insulation within the machine ensures that there?s plenty of heat retention. Furthermore, the heating element of 1500 watts also contributes to this impressive performance quite significantly.

When it comes to the aesthetics, this product isn?t particularly fantastic. However, it?s important to note that this is a low-end model. We also experienced some problems with the door, as this didn?t close off completely. However, not everyone will experience this.

Despite the poor overall appearance, the build quality aspect is excellent because this really is a durable model. You have a double walled construction that is thoroughly insulated. This will provide assistance in maintaining the overall temperature. As a result of this, you can expect your food to be cooked thoroughly and with better smoky flavor and smell.

Taking the build quality into account, it is also important to note that the exterior and interior build material is steel and this is bound to have created a tough machine that will last a very long time.

In summary, you?re looking at a decent product that will perform well if you use it appropriately. In my opinion, this would be perfect for someone who?s looking for his or her first electric smoking machine!

Top 3 Affordable Electric Smokers

1.?Smoke Hollow 26142E

It is quite often quite difficult to find a product that is affordable while associated with premium quality at the same time.

However, if any product gets close to this feat, it?s the Smoke Hollow 26142E. In my opinion, this is the best electric smoker within its price range right now. As a matter of fact, it can be comparable to some of the more expensive products that we?ve just spoken about above.

If you?re looking to buy your very first smoker, this model will probably be the best fit. This is obviously due to the affordable price tag alongside a host of other advantageous factors.

First of all, this product is extremely simple to use and this means that literally anyone and everyone will be able to use it without encountering any problems.

There are two cooking grids included with this product and these will be plated with chrome. The best part about these is that you?ll be able to adjust these in accordance to the height that you?re most comfortable with.

In regards to the cooking task, you?ll be able to use a heating element with 1500 watts of power and you?ll also be able to adjust the temperature completely.

In addition to this, you?ll also get a water pan and a wood chip pan inside the packaging. This is bound to increase the convenience aspect associated with this product because you won?t need to do anything else before you can get started.

There is heat indicator that has been designed to commercial quality and this can be checked when you?re carrying out the smoking. This will definitely be useful and you?ll certainly appreciate the high quality integrated into every part of the product.

When it comes to the appearance of the Smoke Hollow 26142E, you?re looking at a nice piece of equipment that. While it?s not going to stand out greatly, it?ll go about its task with minimum fuss.

However, it must be noted that the build quality and durability is excellent and comes with a very impressive finish. This can be easily seen with the front and side handles that are cool to touch. You?ll be able to use the door through a latch mechanism and all of these features prioritize your safety when the smoking process has started.

Alongside the appearance, this product is extremely light and so will be associated with an excellent portability factor. The handles will also make it easier for you to carry it wherever you like and further contribute to this.

When you?re trying to cook meat, the capacity is often an important aspect and this smoker isn?t exactly huge. Despite this, you?re looking at a capacity of roughly 1.3 cubic feet and this will ensure that you cook quite a bit of meat at one time.

After checking out this product in detail, it can be easily seen that it is a terrific product that has a wide range of impressive features. Perhaps, the best thing about it is the fact that it is quite cheap to buy.

Other than this, it is an electric product so you won?t need to worry about the gas running out. In addition to this, some of the other features ensure that you get an even smoky smell and flavor throughout your meat. Another aspect worth noting is that you can also clean this product quite easily and this is the main reason that we?d highly recommend this product.

2.?Landmann USA Smoky Mountain 32954

Available for just under 100 bucks, the Landmann USA Smoky Mountain 32954 is definitely the cheapest product on our list.

While it cannot be considered to be the highest end model, the Smoky Mountain has still been the subject of some decent electric smoker reviews.

As soon as you see this model, you can easily see the quality associated with it. This can be seen initially with the build quality, which seems to be excellent. This is because of the steel construction that is at the forefront of this product. This includes the exterior and interior alongside the build material of the rack. Furthermore, the double wall door further enhances this aspect.

The tray mentioned above has a 3 in 1 feature and has been chrome plated. This is responsible for storing the wooden chip box, the water pan and the grease tray into one area.

In terms of the appearance, this is a terrific product because it has that powder coated black finish. I must admit that the product looks pretty good and perhaps this is further elevated due to the viewing window. In my opinion, this viewing window improves the functionality of the smoker and it?ll certainly add to the convenience factor because you?ll be able to check on the meat at every opportunity in order to ensure that it is being cooker thoroughly.

This product is quite a small electric meat smoker when it comes to the size and this can only be good for the portability aspect of it. Furthermore, the weight is on the low side as well. The addition of tough iron side handles will ensure that you are able to carry this wherever you wish to start smoking meat. There are even four adjustable feet at the base and this will allow you to set everything straight on uneven surfaces.

When it comes to the overall quality of the smoking, this Smoky Mountain does a good job. While it won?t be as good as the gas models, the results are decent for an electric smoker. This means that there will be a good amount of smoky flavor in your meat if it is cooked thoroughly.

In order to make this process as efficient as possible, you will get a temperature controller that can be plugged in. This will allow you to control and maintain the temperature that you require to cook your meat thoroughly throughout the entire process.

The capacity of this product is also quite good and you?ll be able to make quite a bit of meat at any one given time. Obviously, if you?ve got a large family to feed then you might need a bigger electric smoker or you could always run the process a couple of times.

In overview, you?re looking at a good quality machine and probably the best electric smoker at this price range. It is certainly the cheapest good quality model around and it carries out the cooking process quite efficiently. In addition to this, it also has the added advantage of a viewing window, which is something that a lot of similar and more expensive products don?t have.

3.?Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable

The Masterbuilt 20073716 isn?t like the more premium Masterbuilt products we?ve spoken about above. As a matter of fact, this is a more affordable model that will appeal to those who wish to prioritize the portability factor.

This is simply because it is a very small product in size and one that has long legs that can be folded away. This combines perfectly well with the compact design in ensuring that you have the best electric smoker for use at home or on camping trips or road trips.

Masterbuilt have purposefully created a product with this design and size with this function of portability in mind and we?re certainly not complaining. This is because we finally have a product that can be stored in the car quite easily and carried for a picnic. It sounds pretty amazing to us!

The good thing is that the 20073716 has some decent features too. While it is quite small in size, something that leads to a smaller capacity, there will still be enough space to make quite a decent amount of meat. This will be boosted by the inclusion of two racks that are coated with chrome material.

The heating element runs on 1400 watts and you?re also looking at the most basic of controls that will allow you to operate this machine on low, medium, high and off settings using an analog. This means that you don?t need to be tech savvy in order to be able to use this smoker.

In addition to the racks, you also get a water pan and a wood chip tray and both of these can be removed in order to allow you to carry out the cooking process most efficiently.

The one downside that we could note was that there wasn?t a viewing window and this may be disadvantageous for a lot of people. But again, it is worth noting that not even all of the premium products have this feature.

While there isn?t a viewing window, the door does have a temperature gauge and this can be read quite easily.

In my opinion, the overall quality of this particular product is quite good. We must remember that this product has been designed with portability in mind and it definitely has the necessary characteristics to carry out this function with great success. It cooks quite well and is extremely simple to use even though it is small in size and cooking space. However, it does add that smoky flavor to the meat and it does this quite well. For this reason, the low price is highly advantageous and this is the reason that this product is included within our electric smoker reviews.

What to Consider when Buying the Best Electric BBQ Smoker?


If you?re looking for an electric smoker to use at home then you must already know the main advantages these machines hold. This is true for cooking indoors and outdoors.

When compared to other normal wood or charcoal smokers, the electric models are much easier to use. You can just set the temperature and let the meat cook. In simple terms, you won?t need to be an expert to create the most perfect smoked flavor.

There?s also an added aspect of safety when compared to a traditional product. For this reason, buying the right type of product will be even more important if you?ve got children.

When it comes to making the purchase, you must set a budget and look at the overall cost of running such an appliance.

Generally, the higher you spend the higher quality you tend to get. However, there are always some very good products available at a relatively cheap price.

You just need to look hard enough!

When it comes to the cost of running, you?ll be pleased to know that an electric digital smoker will be far cheaper when compared to other machines. For example, the cost of buying charcoal or wood can build up over time.

For most people, it might not even be about the cost ? there?s just a lot more hassle involved in general!

Despite the above benefits of using these products, some people might still prefer a conventional BBQ smoker.

If you?re ready to make the purchase then carefully read the above electric smoker reviews. These should help you to make an informed decision about which product would be the better fit for you.


We all have different expectations from our home appliances. When it comes to electric BBQ smokers, we have a tough decision to take over whether to go for an electric model or stick to a conventional one.

A lot of us like the results associated with the traditional machines. However, the lack of an open flame/fire hazard associated with an electric smoker convinces some of us to dig into our pockets to obtain something different.

Depending on the product, we can still manage to achieve similar results with these products though we do need to spend some time on carrying out extensive research.

After conducting a huge number of hours on testing, we found that both of the premium Masterbuilt models discussed above performed superbly. The best part about this is that they are very reasonably priced.

The Bradley Digital is probably the best electric smoker you can buy right now but I wouldn?t associated with that great a value for money. The Masterbuilt 20070910 will probably take this title due to the excellent price-performance ratio.

The inclusion of the less illustrious Masterbuilt 20073716 will ensure that you?ll be spoilt for choice when picking the right model.

Regardless of whether you?re a professional or a beginner, buying any of these products from this list of electric smoker reviews would be worthwhile.

Best Vacuum Sealer 2019: Reviews and Top Pick’s

To be honest, a lot of us probably haven?t even heard of these specialty appliances before.

Despite this, their popularity seems to be on the rise.

Whether you?re trying to find an appropriate means of food preservation or you?re a bulk buyer who wants to store the weekly shop in the most suitable manner, this device will provide a highly effective solution.

You see the main aim of a vacuum food sealer is to remove air from the inside of a package, thus forming a tight seal at the top. The removal of oxygen will ensure that the growth of bacteria and fungi is restricted thereby boosting the shelf life of the packed food.

In addition to this, there is another major advantage of using such appliances. Vacuum packing considerably reduces the size of the package and in consequence, would be a perfect solution to increase storage space for bulk shoppers.

You?ll know exactly which feature you?re after but our main aim is to help you find the best vacuum sealer available on the market.

After extensive research and thorough testing, we chose the top rated products. In addition to these, we also carried out extensive vacuum sealer reviews on lots of budget systems and selected 4 models that impress us the most.

Throughout our research, the price to performance was of the utmost importance to us. As a consequence of this, the selection of all the best products below has been based on this.

The Top Vacuum?Sealer?Reviews

1.Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300

If you were literally looking for the best vacuum sealer without overspending then the Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 would be the ideal choice. The price might seem expensive but this countertop sealer isn?t targeted at someone with a low budget.

When we first started to test this sealer, we immediately knew that this would perform superbly. Not only does it look good, it?s also heavy and toughly built. For most people, this would definitely equal high quality.

When it comes to power, it?s very difficult to match the Pro-2300. To be honest, we didn?t expect the vacuum to be so powerful. This will ensure that the bags are closed off very tightly.

It might also be worth noting that this is a semi-commercial sealer so if you do a lot of vac sealing at home then this will perfect for you. The product is quite wide and has a very long seal bar. This will allow you to pack large bags without experiencing any problems. We experienced perfect results literally every time we used it!

There are several other advantages of the Pro-2300 and one of the main ones is the price of the Weston bags. These are much cheaper than FoodSaver bags and are made of good quality too.

Furthermore, this Weston model can be used in automatic or manual mode. The auto mode would be perfect for large foods while the manual mode would be more appropriate for soft foods that need custom sealing!

In addition to the advantages we?ve discussed above, there were also some negative points associated with the Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300. The most common issue experienced by most users is the bulky size. While this can be associated with excellent durability, it can also prove to be more of an obstacle in a small kitchen or storage area.

When it comes to the overall quality, you can?t beat the Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300. There?s a reason why it?s number one on our list of vacuum sealer reviews. It will last for a very long time and in our opinion, it?s best to spend a bit more on a high-end machine rather than go for a cheap product and end up replacing it every year.

2. FoodSaver 4840

Let me just say that this is a high-end FoodSaver sealer system!

The best part about this is that it?s available at an affordable price. While the above Weston Pro-2300 is a highest-end premium machine, this 4840 isn?t too far behind. This is important for your average buyer because the Pro-2300 costs twice as much.

When it comes to the usability, we can guarantee that your vacuum packing task will never be easier. The machine comes assembled and ready to use. All you?ll need to do is slot the bags in and you?re ready to go.

The 4840 is?an automatic vacuum food sealer that starts sealing as soon as you place the bag into the slot. This is because the system is able to detect the bags automatically and becomes activated with any further delay.

Following this, the machine/vacuum sucks out the air completely and packs the contents tightly. This means that we?re looking at a very powerful FoodSaver system.

You will be able to use the normal vacuum sealer function to seal FoodSaver bags. However, there is an additional handheld feature included as well and this will be perfect for sealing containers, jars and other zip bags.

This means that regardless of whether you are using the FoodSaver 4840 for preserving meats or for sealing jars, this will do the job brilliantly well.

You will also have the opportunity to use a different setting depending on whether you wish to pack dry or moist foods.

In my opinion, it is a very fast machine that is bound to get the job done to perfect standards. In addition to this, it seals items quite perfectly as well. Some people have even used this machine to seal documents and other important things because this machine is capable of completing these tasks.

When it comes to aesthetics, you?re looking at a good-looking sealer. The use of aluminum certainly helps to create a sleek design. While it?s not as heavy/bulky as the Weston Pro-2300, the 4840 still comprises excellent build quality. In all honesty, most average users may see the smaller lighter design as a major advantage.

Following our tests, we ended up rating the 4840 very highly and also appreciated the value for money it provided. It?s arguably the best vacuum sealer at this price right now. It is highly effective in carrying out the task on hand with its automatic system. Furthermore, it features trays that can be removed and placed in the dishwasher to be cleaned. These qualities alongside other ones mentioned above make this a machine to be greatly desired.

3.?FoodSaver V4440

By now I?m sure you?re already aware of how good the FoodSaver brand is when it comes to appliances like these and let?s be honest in saying that that the V4440 model is one of the better ones on the market.

A lot of people hate throwing food away while some aren?t fond of eating airplane food when they are travelling. These are perfect reasons for investing in this particular model because this is definitely the best vacuum sealer that comes at this price range.

The V4440 is a very versatile system that is fully automatic. It can carry out the task by itself or you can even use the handheld sealer that is built into the system. This feature can be retracted so there shouldn?t be any issues regarding convenience. The fully automatic feature means that you won?t have to hold the bag or any other item that you want to seal. The system will detect the bag and begin the process and will release it on completion of a secure and tight seal.

When it comes to the overall appearance and build quality of the product, it is important to note that it looks brilliant. It comes in a highly eye-catching design that is bound to appeal to most of us. The design has also been created to save a lot of space so it would be best to keep this product on the counter of your kitchen.

The overall build quality seems to be of excellent standards too and we did notice how durable the machine felt.

The V4440 is extremely simple to use and would be perfect for those that aren?t too fond of using electrical appliances. The machine has a heat seal technology that has a patent on it and it effectively does exactly what it is supposed to do.

As a result of creating the vacuum, you can be certain that you will be able to preserve a lot better than you would if you used any other method.

I?m sure a lot of people use these machines and become tired of all the hassle associated with cleaning them after the task has been completed. However, with the V4440, you will only need to clean the tray at the bottom. The good thing is that this tray can be pulled out and cleaned with ease.

Another advantage of this particular vacuum sealer is how it comes with various bag sizes. This will be highly convenient because you can use different bag sizes according to the amount of food you wish to seal.

The only major disadvantage I noted when checking out this product in detail was that it is only compatible with FoodSaver bags. This can be inconvenient for some because you won?t be able to use standard bags that can be bought cheaply from a local supermarket.

Other than this little hiccup, we found the V4440 to be an excellent quality product and one that is highly versatile and easy to use. It is automatic and best of all, it is probably more affordable that most of the other high quality products available right now.

4. FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe

The GameSaver Deluxe sounds a lot different when compared to other FoodSaver systems. While it performs very similarly to these models, the biggest advantage it holds is the inclusion of a 10-year warranty. This is not only a surprising factor but also one that?ll make most of us very happy.

After discovering the 10-year warranty, we were also delighted with the value provided by this model. It?ll cost you just over 100 bucks and for this price; you?re looking at the best vacuum sealer to try.

It has a compact design that?s quite light. This will satisfy your expectation of portability. It also has a wide seal area for packing wider bags.

Despite the low price, this machine comprises an automatic and a manual setting so you can pack without the use of a vacuum if you don?t want to. You can also choose between dry and moist food settings, which is also highly advantageous for certain situations.

The machine comes with a press and release mode of action and this is something that makes it extremely simple to use.

We found the seal to be airtight and quite good. It certainly wasn?t top quality when compared to the Weston we?ve spoken about above but it was still above average. Another good point worth mentioning is the fact that the sealing strip belonging to this model is wider than some of the other popular products within this category.

What else can be said about the GameSaver Deluxe?

It performs superbly, is fairly quick in using the vacuum and it?s boosted by a 10-year warranty, which makes it extra reliable. Furthermore, it is a machine that goes about its work without any fuss in the sense that it is quite silent to work with.

The main problem that we experienced was that when the machine was used quite intensively, it did heat up to a certain extent. This meant that we had to let it cool before commencing with the task again.

We concluded that this was a system that is probably more suitable for light to moderate use but again this is something that should be expected.

5. FoodSaver V3240

Even before looking at the V3240 in detail, we expected this FoodSaver vacuum sealer to comprise terrific overall quality. This is because it?s a best-selling sealer that?s available at an extremely affordable price.

It has received some terrific reviews in almost all marketplaces and like the Gamesaver Deluxe; it comes with a complete kit to help you get started.

The V3240 has a manual mode of operation. This means that you?ll have to lift the lid of the machine, enter the open end of the bag into the slot, close and lock the lid before pressing the start button. While there is a little more work involved when compared to an automatic system, some people may not find it justifiable to spend a lot more for this.

There are some advantages the V3240 holds over the premium vacuum systems. The first of these is that it comes in a compact size that can be stored with ease. Furthermore, you?ll also be able to use FoodSaver heat-seal bags that completely prevent the entry of air.

The V3240 also has two different settings for dry and moist foods and this will ensure that you don?t get a failed bag in any of these situations.

Considering the cheap price tag, we thought that the vacuum power would be compromized to a certain extent. However, this machine exhibited excellent performance and impressive sucking power.

Overall, we felt that this FoodSaver V3240 provides one of the best price-to-performance values on the market.

The Best Budget Vacuum Packer

?1. FoodSaver V2244

It?s always a good idea to set a budget when you?re buying kitchen appliances. This is because you can easily end up spending a lot more than you wanted to.

Some people might not consider a vacuum food sealer to be an essential kitchen appliance. For this reason, they might set a lower budget when compared to a person who uses these machines regularly. For this reason, we also tried to find good quality budget products.

The FoodSaver V2244 impressed us the most within the lower budget range. In fact, we?d consider it to be perfect for use in the household. It?s built quite well and performs quite consistently.

When it comes to the performance, this model performs similarly to the previous FoodSaver systems we?ve discussed above though it is less powerful. It also lacks a bag cutter, which will force you to use scissors instead. If used in the right manner, the V2244 will do the job for you. For example, a lot of people have complained about the poor performance of the vacuum when sealing liquids. One way to solve this would be to freeze the liquid in the bag and then seal it.

In overview, this machine might not suit everyone but it?ll be sufficient for most households.

2.?Nesco VS-02

There are a lot of products within the market if you wish to remove the from your food bags. All of these come with different features, different price points and certainly, different sealing capabilities.

The Nesco VS-02 is one of the best vacuum sealer systems around at this moment in time.

This product doesn?t really catch the eye too much when it sits on the kitchen counter. It doesn?t exactly have that modern and sleek that can be seen with the Weston and FoodSaver models.

In addition to this, it is quite a bulky unit as well. This means that it will definitely take up quite a bit of space if you wish to keep it on your kitchen counter permanently.

However, what it does have is a favorable and affordable price tag because it is one of the most affordable products available to buy right now. This is certainly highly advantageous when you compare it to the premium products.

In addition to the affordable price tag, it also comes with several features that will get the job done for you. While the VS-02 won?t be as efficient as some of the premium models we?ve looked at, this will still be acceptable for those that are getting their very first vacuum sealer just to familiarize themselves with the entire process.

If you look at it from that angle then there are quite a number of features that will impress you. First of all, you will get a product that is capable of two main tasks ? only sealing the bags and sealing the bags with a vacuum. This might be useful for someone that doesn?t always want to vacuum and seal the food.

The VS-02 is an automatic machine that comes with a very easy to use touch display. This is fairly intuitive if you consider the price tag. The system also shuts off automatically once the task has been completed.

If you end up buying this product, you will also receive quite a large selection of bags. While this is excellent, one of the major advantageous in regards to this machine is the way you can use any bags. This means that you can just buy standard bags from the supermarket because this machine doesn?t require bags made by a specific manufacturer. This is bound to lead to a hassle-free, convenient and a far more affordable experience.

While the product carries out the process of vacuuming and sealing quite well, we have heard of some issues regarding this product.

We have already spoken about the fact that the VS-02 is a bit more bulky and will require more space when compared to some of the other machines. In addition to this, we have also heard some complaints about infiltration and tearing of bags. Not everyone has experienced this so it really depends on how smooth you are when working with the machine.

Other than that, you?re looking at a machine that will definitely get the job done at a fraction of the price. For this reason, we feel that the VS-02 should be recommended to everyone that?s getting his or her very first vacuum sealer.

3.?FoodSaver FM2000-000

The main thing to notice about this FoodSaver system is that is another low priced vacuum machine. However, you should also note that this isn?t an automatic system but one that will require the operation through a latch closure system. This might not be appealing for some people more than others. However, the good thing about this process is that you?ll be able to adjust the heat and the pressure according to your own requirements.

Despite the main mechanism of operation, this FM2000-000 is system that has received excellent reviews. This is mainly because of the integration of new technology that may significantly minimize the use of bag materials. FoodSaver have equated this figure to be around 40% less usage when compared to their traditional sealing systems.

This model is extremely simple to use and also comes with a comprehensive user manual, which you will be able to use if you experience any trouble in operating the system. All you?ll really need to do is place the food inside the bag and place the bag inside of the machine. Following this step, you?ll need to press the on/off button and voila, you?ll notice that the system has been activated.

In addition to this, the tightness of the vacuum seal has been quite good in our opinion. The best part about this is the efficiency and cost-effectiveness associated with using this product. Furthermore, if you regular like to seal mason jars and similar items then you don?t need to worry because you will receive a hose attachment alongside all the necessary accessories that will allow you to do this.

When it comes to the overall appearance and durability, this product isn?t great but it?s acceptable especially when the low price tag is considered. It isn?t too big in structure nor is it too small but comes in just the right size. The good thing regarding this is that it is quite lightweight so you?ll be able to put it away with ease if you wanted to. The handle on the machine will also enhance that portability factor that we often look for in these types of appliances.

Another advantage involves the cleaning aspect because you can easily the machine by removing the drip tray.

In my opinion, this is a terrific vacuum sealer product that has many advantages and some disadvantages too. It operates manually and this is something that?ll be uncomfortable for some of us. However, it is quite easy to operate if you?re willing to give it a go and it?ll definitely contribute to minimal bag wastage. Other than this, you?re looking at an affordable system that is bound to be cost-effective and efficient while looking good at the same time.

4. Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000

This Seal-a-Meal is one of the lowest-priced systems available to buy in 2016. For this reason, we were eager to see whether it could be the best vacuum sealer for some of you.

We were already aware that this was a popular product amongst customers but this could?ve been due to the cheap cost rather than the performance.

However, we were pleasantly surprised after using the machine for quite some time. Firstly, weighing just 4.2 lb., this is one of the most compact and lightest machines you can buy. This means that it won?t take up too much space. You can even store it in a cabinet and bring it out for use.

After testing this machine, we found that it was quite sturdy and built relatively well for such a cheap sealer. In terms of performance, this machine does quite well and it?ll be suitable for a light workload. However, it?s important to check the machine thoroughly before deciding to keep it. If it doesn?t seal properly then it might be worth returning the item and getting a replacement.

To be fair, this is an inexpensive product so you can?t really go wrong with it. If you?ve been recently introduced to such machines, it might be worth trying this model out first!

Finding A High Quality?Vacuum Food Sealer


As you can see from the above vacuum sealer reviews, you?ve got some terrific products to choose from. However, selecting the best vacuum sealer from these will be tougher than you might initially think.

The main issue is that everyone will have their own favorites so you need to take account of various factors before making the final decision.

Firstly, you need to decide the importance of portability and size. Where will you be storing the machine? Is your kitchen small or will it be crowded at any point? If this were the case then it?d be a better option to go for a small lightweight model.

Secondly, you need to think about cleaning and maintenance. Products like the FoodSaver 4840 have dishwasher safe trays and it would be quite easy to clean them. It is a good idea to mention that most products listed and reviewed above come with trays that can be removed and this will be advantageous for most of us.

Deciding your budget is perhaps the most essential part of the entire selection process. This goes hand in hand with frequency of use.

Generally, if the vacuum machine were going to be heavily used then it?d be worthwhile going for an automatic one. These tend to be on the more expensive side. However, some models such as the GameSaver Deluxe can possess both auto and manual modes despite being available for a cheaper price.

In comparison, some cheaper products can be efficient in what they do but come with the hassle of a manual operation.

In order to ensure that you come out with the right decision, you need to focus on all of these factors to a great extent.


There are several reasons for wanting to buy the best vacuum sealer. Whether it is for preserving foods or minimizing freezer burn, these machines can be highly beneficial to have at home.

However, there are too many of these products available right now and they all have their own features and capabilities. For this reason, it is important to do your research thoroughly and with patience and then make the final decision.

In our opinion, if you need a high-end vacuum food sealer then you must go for the Weston Pro-2300. However, if you were after a more affordable machine then any one from FoodSaver 4840, 4440, GameSaver Deluxe or V3240 would suffice. These would all be suitable for moderate use and come at a relatively affordable price.

Perhaps you?re only starting out and would be more interested in buying a low-end model for light usage. In this case, the Nesco VS-02 or a Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 would probably be the better option for you!

Before making the decision in terms of which product to buy, make sure you read these vacuum sealer reviews in detail and read the customer reviews as well.

The Best Air Fryer 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

When it comes to fried chicken or fish, it can be difficult curb our cravings at times.

Unfortunately, fried food has been proven to be terrible for your health, and regular intake can cause arteries to clog up quite quickly.

Traditionally, food is made in a deep fryer, where it is effectively dunked inside vast amounts of oil. This is obviously not healthy at all.

However, thanks to advancing technology, we now have access to much healthier options.

An air fryer for example, is an excellent alternative to the deep fryer.

Instead of using frying oil, this handy appliance circulates hot air to heat up the food from all sides at the same time.

This creates the same delicious taste and crispy layer you normally get from a deep fryer but without the unnecessary fat. In fact, food prepared this way contains roughly 80% less fat.

No matter how good fried food is, it is important to keep a healthy and balanced diet. It?s always a good idea to invest in kitchen equipment that will not only make your life easier, but will let you enjoy great tasting healthy meals.

As a result of this thought, we will be looking at the best air fryer models today. A lot of us tend to look for the highest quality and are willing to spend a lot of money to get it. For this reason, we have listed and extensively reviewed 4 of the top performing products in this air fryer review guide.

While most of tend to spend a lot of money in the name of high quality, some of us prefer to focus on the price range and spend that which we can afford.

There?s absolutely nothing wrong with this and to tell you the truth, if we look hard enough, we can often find a bargain that comprises of a higher quality even when it is compared to a product that is twice the price.

In order to ensure that everyone is catered for, 4 of the top performing affordable models have also been selected and reviewed in detail.

Best Air Fryer Reviews

1.?Philips HD9240/94 Digital X-Large ? Rapid Air Technology

To put it simply, if you want the best air fryer on the market right now, regardless of price, then you won?t find one better than the Philips HD9240/94.

When we looked at this model in detail, it was easy to note how it stood out from the rest of the competition. It comes in a larger size than most similar products available on the market right now and this is indicated by the official title, which has X-Large in it.

While this extra large size may lead to a bulkier design, we felt that this was a bit of an advantage because it did lead to a higher capacity.

I have personally used some of the smaller air fryers before and have had to cook French fries multiple times because I can?t make enough to feed the whole family in one go. So for people like me who have large families, this will be a savior in getting the job done quickly and easily.

When it comes to food like French fries, if you buy pre-cooked portions from your local supermarket, you won?t need to use any oil whatsoever. In comparison, if you are preparing something from scratch at home then you won?t need to add more than one tablespoon of oil.

In my opinion, this is a huge advantage and one that is bound to have excellent rewards for your health in the long run.

You will also be pleased to know that this model is a multi-cooker in the sense that it can carry out a host of tasks. These include things like baking, frying, grilling and roasting foods. As a result of this, you?ll be able to keep your kitchen counter free of heavy and bulky kitchen appliances. I think this is definitely something that will be convenient for pretty much every homeowner.

Moving on, let?s talk a bit of ease of usability. Some kitchen appliances can be difficult to operate. This is definitely not the case with this particular product and this air fryer review shows this. To put it simply, this?product is?extremely simple to use.

It has lots of convenient features and a digital touchscreen interface that is so simple to use that you won?t need any tech knowledge.

There is an added convenience of having a double layer rack that includes a few skewers. This will ensure that you increase your cooking space and that you have everything that you need in order to satisfy the cravings of the entire family.

We were extremely satisfied with the functionality associated with this product because it performed wonderfully well. The food wasn?t just great but a lot healthier as well.

While the functionality can often be great, some appliances struggle in other areas such as the ease of cleaning. However, this wasn?t the case with the HD9240/94 because it comes with parts that are safe to be washed in the dishwasher.

If this is going to be your very first air fryer then you might be afraid to get started. However, once you buy this particular product, you?ll get a free cookbook alongside a smartphone app that?ll enable you to experiment with up to 150 different recipes.

In my opinion, the Philips HD9240/94 is the highest quality product available on the market right now and its reviews speak for itself. While it is expensive, we feel that the money would definitely be worth it in the long run and the value for money will be evident once you have used it.

2. Philips HD9230/26 Digital ? Rapid Air Technology

The Philips HD9230/26 is a close competitor to the previous model that we have just spoken about. While there are some differences between the two, they are both built on the same foundations.

One advantage this model holds is the lower price tag and this may appeal to some people more than others.

You can cook all types of food with the HD9230/26 thanks to its digital touch screen interface.

Effectively, this allows you to easily adjust the temperature up to 390 degrees, depending on what you?re cooking. This makes it quite easy to make those crispy golden-brown fries or that crispy fried chicken we all love.

The built-in Rapid Air Technology seems to work very well. Essentially, the purpose of this is to circulate hot air very quickly and with precision, which helps to cook food faster and with excellent results.

On top of this, this Philips air fryer has a unique ?starfish? design on the bottom, which makes it easier to facilitate air circulation in order to get evenly distributed heat. Having tested it ourselves and used very little oil, we felt the food was thoroughly fried and tasted very nice.

More importantly, it requires just a tablespoon of oil, whether you want to make fries, grills, bakes, or roasts food. There is also a double layer rack included, which helps to maximize the cooking surface. This is a very nice addition and does make it a lot easier.

For convenience, there is a 60-minute timer and an option to shut-off automatically. This prevents your food from overcooking. It?s also very easy to clean, because most of the parts are Dishwasher safe.

There is one slight negative though, and that is the small 1.8 lbs. capacity of food that can be cooked at any one time. For a costly appliance like this, we were hoping it would be higher than this.

If you?re not very experienced in using these appliances or at cooking in general, there is an included recipe booklet, which has around 25 interesting recipes and was created exclusively for this product.

We don?t just consider this to be a fryer though. If you?re in the mood for grilling or roasting some chicken, you can easily do that. You can even bake a cake with this, and it does turn out quite nice. It?s kind of like an all-in-one gadget and will be an important appliance for your kitchen.

When you look at the price, you will know that the Philips HD9230/26 is not cheap. However, it is simply excellent at its job and makes delicious and healthy food. If you don?t mind the price, we would highly recommend it. It is easily one of the best air fryer models out right now.

3. The Philips HD9220/26

Being the predecessor to the HD9230/26, the Philips HD9220/26 is very similar.

There isn?t much difference between the 2 in terms of price. However, this is obviously a little bit cheaper to compensate for the lack of a few features. As you might expect though, there are very few differences between them as well.

For starters, there is no digital touch screen interface to control, where you can change temperature settings or timing. Saying that, there is still a separate adjustable temperature control, which you can change up to the same 390 degrees.

There is still a dial to set timing, but instead of the 60-minute timer on the HD9230/26, you can only set up to 30 minutes on this product. The auto shut-off and ?ready? signal functions still work as normal and help to prevent overcooking.

Most of the parts are dishwasher-safe so it is very easy to clean up once you?re done making lunch or dinner.

At 1.8 lbs., the cooking capacity of the basket is a little on the small side, but it is still exactly the same as the HD9230/26.

The Rapid Air technology is built-in within this model as well, and it ensures good circulation of air around the entire surface area. We noticed the food was evenly cooked throughout and tasted very nice. Again, this is impressive considering only a tiny amount of oil was used.

The unique ?starfish? design seen on the HD9230/26 is seen on the HD9220/26 as well. As stated earlier, this ensures better air circulation and more evenly distributed heat, thus making evenly cooked food.

While it is primarily used for frying, you can still grill and roast food, as well as bake it. This gives you a greater choice when deciding on what to make for lunch or dinner.

Overall, this Philips HD9220/26 air fryer review shows just how good of a product this is. We really liked it!

It may be the predecessor to the HD9230/26 but in terms of performance, it is exactly the same.

There are a few small differences, like the exclusion of the digital touch screen interface, but as the price is also less, you might be tempted into opting for the HD9220/26. They?re both excellent and work just as well in making tasty yet healthy meals.

4. T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry

The T-fal FZ7002 is cheaper than 3 of the best air fryers but is still a top quality low-fat multi-cooker.

You need little to any oil needs to make all kinds of full meals with the T-fal FZ7002, whether you want meat, seafood or vegetables. You can even make good quality desserts with this. In fact, there is an included recipe book, with over 34 awesome recipes to help you get started.?This air fryer review should help you understand how well this product works.

It?s incredibly easy to use thanks to the 2-button system. There is only an on/off switch and a digital timer with buzzer. That?s all you need to start making meals.

There is a handy measuring spoon included to help you measure the right amount of oil when cooking. This, along with most other parts, is dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean up afterwards.

The lid is transparent and steam-free, while the closed cooking vessel prevents hot oil from splattering across the kitchen.

The food cooked was excellent and tasted lovely. It?s almost hard to believe that just 1 tablespoon of oil is needed to cook most food.

The T-fal FZ7002 has a unique pulse heat system as well as an interesting stirring paddle, to help it cook food evenly throughout. The idea behind it is to evenly distribute the oil throughout the food, and it does this quite well.

There is a 2.2 lbs. capacity, which is greater than the 2 Philips options that we discussed above. If you regularly cook large meals, this might suit you better.

If you want a high quality multi-cooker that cooks delicious healthy meals and has a large capacity, don?t hesitate to go for the T-fal FZ7002. It?s not overly expensive but still?works extremely well.

Finding the Best Air Fryer?under $100?

1. Avalon Bay AB-100B: Oil Less Option

When you consider its price tag, we thought it was a good idea to include the Avalon Bay AB-100B on this list.

It?s certainly not a small appliance, and comes with a 3.2L mesh basket. While this does make it easier to cook large meals, bare in mind that it will also take up significant space on your kitchen counter.

This isn?t just a fryer. You can also grill and roast your food, and even bake cakes, which gives you plenty of choice for lunch and dinner.

The end result is excellent, partly due to the Rapid Air Circulation Technology. This basically helps to circulate hot air at high speed and precision to ensure optimal heat distribution, leading to evenly cooked food very quickly.

There is a built-in adjustable temperature control, ranging from 200-400 degrees, so you easily set the best settings depending on what you?re cooking. In order to prevent overcooking, Avalon Bay have included a built-in 30-minute timer, as well as an auto-shut off feature.

It?s also important to note that literally no oil is used in the process, meaning you get healthy meals that also taste delicious.

Most parts are dishwasher safe so once you?ve finished up, simply pop them inside and you?re done.

2.?GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation

Our air fryer review guide lists the GoWISE USA GW22621 as?one of the most affordable ones available to buy right now. However, as you will be able to observe, there have been no compromises with quality.

It is easy to note that a touchscreen interface is often the easiest to use when it comes to usability. However, this feature is one that isn?t common with cheaper kitchen appliances. Despite this, we see a high quality touchscreen interface located on this particular product.

This improves the overall appeal of the product and also improves the appearance considerably. Furthermore, it will hand over complete control as to how you wish to cook your food. You will be allowed to cook everything manually by selecting the time yourself or you will also have the option of selecting from 7 different pre-programmed settings that are for the preparation of specific food types.

There is also a 30-minute timer integrated into this air fryer while the appliance will also go into standby mode automatically when appropriate.

The technology utilized by this brand is relatively similar to most similar products. This hot air circulation system allows heated air to surround food from every angle and cook it thoroughly. This leads to delicious taste and near perfect results every time.

When dealing with hot food, we often need to be extremely careful because of the dangers associated. I?m sure most of us have experienced burns or a similar form of injury when cooking food in any kitchen appliance.

While this is minimized due to a lack of oil used, we can still experience a burn if we touch the interior of the device. This is actually happen accidently and is a common occurrence when a basket is detached for example. Fortunately, we have a button guard that prevents this so you can go about your business with confidence.

The basket itself is detachable so you?ll find it relatively easy to serve food and cook another batch.

While most of the features are top-notch, this product hasn?t been made by a very well known brand. This means that you wouldn?t really know what to expect in the long run.

Furthermore, the cooking capacity is also on the lower side while the timer will also only last 30 minutes.

While these flaws need to be considered seriously, it is important to deduce that this is a high quality product that is extremely cheap when compared to similar branded products that are associated with overall quality that is of a similar level.

For this reason, I would definitely advise you to take the risk and buy this product if you wish to minimize your total spending.


The BLACK + DECKER HF110SBD is one of the most impressive air fryers that we came across during our research. This was mainly because of the extremely price. As a matter of fact, this model is the cheapest on our list and this is probably the main reason for its popularity in recent times.

The best part about this is that we are all aware of the Black + Decker brand so we can be sure of the quality associated with this.

In terms of appearance, you?re looking at a typical air fryer design that doesn?t really stand out in any way. However, it is acceptable and at this price range, as long as it does the job, we don?t mind what it looks like.

The main mechanism through which this operates is dual convection fans that will combine with heat to surround and attack the food from all angles. This leads to a fast cooking time alongside impressive results when it comes to crunchy fried foods. Even the appearance of your French fries is bound to impressive you after you?ve cooked them in this machine.

This machine also comes with a 60-minute timer, which is definitely more than most products within this price range. Once this timer has been completed, the device will automatically be switched off.

This machine is extremely easy to use and has a very simple interface. There is also a massive temperature range that gives you full control of what you can make. However, there is a tiny little flaw with these controls because they are absolutely tiny. This means that you might need to be in full focus when you?re using the machine.

The capacity of the basket included in this product isn?t too large but in my opinion, this will be adequate for most people even though there are high chances that you might need to turn the machine on again for round 2.

In addition to all of these points, it might also be worth noting that the clean up process is extremely simple to conduct. You can easily clean the main cooking element with some paper towels. The cooking basket is safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher though you can also wash it by hand if you wish.

In general, we found this machine to be excellent in every way and in my opinion this definitely provides a terrific value for money. It?s cheap but has some features that are on a similar level as some of the more expensive products.

4. Glip AF800

The Glip AF800 has a multi-surface airflow design and combines this with high-speed air cycling and continuous heated air, in order to cook food evenly and very quickly.

The temperature control lets you choose your perfect settings and allows you to cook at up to 400 degrees. For a relatively large volume of food, it took about 20 minutes to fully cook, which is not bad at all.

There was literally no need to add oil for most food either, ensuring very healthy and great tasting meals.

There is a built-in timer as well, so you can preset to a maximum of 30 minutes. It will then automatically turn off to prevent overcooking, which is always a nice feature to have.

Once you?re done, simply remove the frying basket and put into the dishwasher. It?s as simple as that.

The included cookbook has plenty of interesting recipes to try out. You also get a free heat resistant pad with it, which is a nice touch.

With the Glip AF800, we were able to make healthy meals very quickly, and without any oil. At this price, this is a very useful appliance and we highly recommend it if you want a low cost option.

Aspects to Consider before Purchasing

Here are some aspects?you need to consider in order to find the best?air fryer:

Attributes: Even though this product produces much healthier food than a traditional deep fryer, it still needs a little bit of oil. For those who want nothing to do with oil, you can opt for a completely oil-free fryer. You might also want a product that comes with digital settings and a non-stick surface. Or, you might want something that can reach a very high temperate and make food quicker.

Capacity: Most products come with a total cooking capacity of around 800 grams. Obviously, there are some that have a higher capacity and some that come with a lower capacity. Just choose whichever option suits you best.

Price: Don?t be surprised if you see a product costing over $200. These are top of the range models and work extremely well. At the same time, there are some high quality options that cost under $100. Our list includes both options, as we realize everyone has different requirements and budgets.

Size and Style: If there is very little space on your kitchen counter, you may want to consider the size and style of the new appliance. Some products can take up a lot of space so it?s extremely important that you look at the dimensions before ordering.

Wattage: It is a good idea to ensure that your kitchen outlet can handle the wattage that air fryers will come with. Normally, this can range from around 800 to 1400 watts.

Final Verdict

The?Philips HD9240/94?air fryer review should give you a better understanding of just how good this product is and what features to look out for in other products.

This is probably the best air fryer available right now and the main reason for that is the size. The problem is that there aren?t many products available that have large capacities. To tell you the truth, this is probably the main one that has been associated with high quality.

For this reason, this product received the highest total marks from us. Some of Philips? other models can be associated with similar quality when it comes to the functionality but while they are cheaper, they?ll only allow you to make small portions at one time.

However, if you wish to explore the market then there are a lot of options available and this is the main reason that it can be quite difficult to choose the right one.

If you read the section above, we have explained the features you should consider if you wish to buy the perfect product for your needs.

In addition to this, we have also extensively reviewed the top 8 models based on a wide price range. This will ensure that you?ll be able to find something to suit your personal preferences irrespective of the requirements that you may have.

If you?re all about quality and don?t mind spending big money and want the best air fryer, the Philips HD9240/94 is an excellent choice.

On the other hand, if you want a high quality product but don?t really want to pay over the odds, we highly recommend the BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD.

While all of the products discussed in the affordable section are associated with a top performance and an excellent value for money, the BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD is the cheapest on the list and has some terrific features.

Regardless of which product you like, make sure you read air fryer reviews left by customers and weigh the pros and cons before taking the plunge.

The Best Infrared Heater on the Market 2019: Top Pick?s And Reviews By an Expert!

Depending on where you live, winter can often be an extremely depressing time plainly due to the fact that you don?t feel like doing much during this time.

If you?re anything like me, you?ll be wearing multiple layers to bed but will still end up with extremely cold feet. While some winters can be tolerable, every year seems to be ruthless nowadays!

One possible solution is the purchase of the very best infrared heater available on the market. The truth about these machines is that they will do the best job in keeping your room warm at an extremely affordable price.

Not many of us look for detail when buying space heaters so the aim of this guide is to provide you with as much useful information as possible. Our entire team has tested and compared a list of these products in detail.

As a direct consequence of this, here are 5 top-rated infrared space heaters that provided the best price to performance value. Make sure that you use the comparison table below to compare each product and their ratings.

Top 5 Best Rated Infrared Heaters Reviews

1. Dr Infrared Dr968

When it comes to the very best model, this Dr Infrared heater was the most impressive of them all. It performed brilliantly across almost every area.

With the appearance, you?re looking at an attractive system, which has the potential to blend in to the d?cor very well. The wooden design does indicate high premium quality and in fairness the Dr968 is built really well!

In terms of the performance, you?re probably looking at the best infrared unit available on the market this year. The Dr968 is rapid when transferring heat towards your direction.

By converting 1,500 watts to 5,200 BTU of output, you can clearly see this is quite a powerful machine. The manufacturer promises that this model can warm up an area of up to 1,000 square feet. After testing the Dr968 in various rooms, we concluded that this was only the case in well-insulated areas. However, generally we felt that this was best suited to smaller areas like the bedroom.

Another aspect that must be considered is safety. We found that there weren?t any exposed heating elements. As a consequence, the heater was a little warm to touch but this wasn?t dangerous in any way.

When it comes to efficiency, you?ll have the opportunity to use auto mode, which will alternate the power between 1,000 and 1,500 watts. You can also use a timer to ensure that the energy is preserved in the best possible way. In fact, it also featured on?our list of the most energy efficient products.

This model performs quietly and goes about its job without any fuss. It also has wheels that you can conveniently utilize to heat up different rooms of your home.

In addition to the above positive points, you?re looking at the best product, which just happens to be very durable as well. Due to this fact, I?m sure you?ll be able to use this for many winters to come. This is topped up nicely by the 3-year warranty that will ensure that you?re content with your purchase.

2. Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8

While this can be a positive aspect, in this case I found it to be overdone. I wasn?t too fond of the overall appearance as the unit take up a lot of space. It actually looks like a small chunky table, which may not be everyone?s cup of tea. Again this was only my personal feeling and you might not feel the same way.

Ignoring the aesthetic appeal of the Lifesmart Ultimate 8, we found the performance to be very impressive. Considering the fact that this is more costly than the Dr968, we were expecting a top performance from this model.

We felt that the heat generation and transfer in the room was excellent. The unit draws in a lot of power and as a result of this, the output is truly exceptional. In terms of the area coverage, this model is expected to heat an extra large room or an area up to 1,800 square feet. We felt that this was a bit misleading, as it didn?t meet these expectations. Despite this, the area coverage was quite good and didn?t disappoint us that much.

Considering the aspect of safety, the wood was quite cool to touch and never got hot. This really is a positive point as it indicates how safe the unit will be in a house full of children and pets.

When in use, it was easy to notice how quiet this unit was. It just went about doing the job with minimal fuss. While it is a little bit more expensive than the Dr968 and only has a 1-year warranty, this Lifesmart model may be worth going for if you need to heat a relatively large room!

3. Lifesmart 6 Element

Available in a high quality wooden cabinet design, the Lifesmart 6 Element unit is a relatively affordable infrared room heater. It certainly looks the part and would feel like it?s a part of the furniture rather than a heating system. This is especially advantageous for a model that?ll cost you well under 100 bucks.

It has all the basic features that are included with the previous two models we?ve just discussed. This includes different power settings (one of which is used for energy efficiency), a 12?hour timer and a relatively large and easy to use remote control.

While these features are extremely important, perhaps the main factor that separates the good from bad is the performance. In regards to this, you?ll be getting a great unit. Even though, the manufacturer expects this unit to heat an area up to 1,000 square feet, we felt that this wasn?t true. In my opinion, the Lifesmart 6 Element has the potential to heat large well-insulated rooms but the heat transfer is more effective in smaller rooms.

Other than this, this is the best infrared heater at this affordable price range. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is extremely quiet when switched on. In addition to this, the energy efficiency and safety associated is very impressive. As a result, this model would be perfect for families with children and pets.

4. Duraflame Infrared Quartz Heater (DFI-550-0)

Sometimes being different can be a good thing and in this situation, it is a positive change from the typical bulky wooden design. The unit certainly looks quite attractive though it may not give off the feeling of high premium quality.

After testing this model out, we felt that this wouldn?t be suitable for someone looking for performance over visual appeal. The truth is that this Duraflame model has some very good features that are easy on the eye.

A perfect example of this is the flame brightness, which can be altered with 5 different settings. Alongside this, you can also switch on the flame effect without heating. This indicates that this would be more appropriate for someone looking to improve his or her home d?cor rather than focus on the functional aspect of the system.

Despite the above point, the performance of this model was good-ish. You can expect it to warm an area that?s up to 1,000 square feet due to the 5,200 BTU output. Even then, we didn?t really find the heating aspect of this unit that impressive. I think this would be appropriate to use during fall. However, when the winter sets in and the temperature reaches freezing point, you might struggle!

5. Lifesmart Medium Room Heater

The size and affordable price does mean that you can?t expect the performance to be that impressive. As a matter of fact, this unit will be more suitable for medium-sized rooms.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, this model won?t impress you too much. It doesn?t have any wooden components and neither does it look extra-durable. However, it is a compact piece that?ll strive to do exactly what it?s supposed to do. The compact design also means that you?ll easily be able to transfer the unit from room to room.

When it comes to the performance, there will be 3 settings, one of which will ensure that there is plenty of energy saved. This model also utilizes a 12-hour timer, comes with a remote control and is also very quiet to run.

Having looked at this particular Lifesmart unit and compared it to the others, I found that this just fell short of our expectations. While the price is fairly low, it still isn?t that cheap.

If you were looking for a better looking, better performing and an overall better unit then the Lifesmart 6 Element would be the best infrared heater to go for. This is similarly priced but is more powerful and provides a far better price to performance value!

What is an Infrared Heater?

Now that we?ve reviewed all the products, it?s not time to talk a little bit about the purpose of these systems!

These products differ greatly to the standard heaters we normally use. The main difference is that the machine will utilize electromagnetic radiation to transfer heat from a higher temperature to an area of low temperature. In simple terms, this means that infrared radiation will heat anything that is directly in front of it.

When you try out this type of heating for the first time, you?ll notice that the machine will warm you up almost instantly. This is one of the major advantages this system holds over conventional technology.

Imagine yourself walking into your freezing cold room and having the luxury of an instantaneous warming effect. The unit will emit radiation that will be absorbed by various objects directly in front of it to create a warming effect without having to wait for a good 15 minutes for the room to warm up.

When using this type of system, you?ll also notice how silent it is. In fact, due to the fact that there isn?t any UV radiation, you?ll be exposed to healthy light that won?t affect the oxygen and humidity levels in the room.

When compared to conventional systems, the maintenance of an infrared model is quite easy and generally hassle-free. In addition to this, these systems also don?t induce a negative effect on the environment. There won?t be any open flames, emission of harmful substances or burning of gases!

While it seems like buying the best room heater would be ideal for this winter, it?s also essential to take account of various disadvantages of this system.

Firstly, you need to consider the aspect of safety. While you won?t be exposed to an open flame, the coils of some models can still get extremely hot. This means that it would be dangerous if your children will be walking around the room. Even though the systems available nowadays try to minimize this, you?ll still need to exercise caution.

As mentioned previously, the heating affects the area directly in front. If you?re exposed to this radiation for a prolonged period of time, it can have detrimental effects on your skin.

On top of this, when you switch the system off, the area will cool down very quickly. This compares unfavorably to traditional technology that tends to keep the room warm for quite a bit of time.

It is highly important for you to consider the above factors before you spend your hard-earned money. Along with these, you also need to determine a strict budget in order to make the best decision possible!

Are Infrared Heaters Efficient?

Before making the purchase, a lot of us try to focus on buying an energy efficient space heater.

When looking at infrared space heaters, you?ll be pleased to learn that these can be quite efficient. By warming up the area directly in front, there won?t be any energy wasted on needlessly warming up the rest of the room.

This compares favorably to conventional systems that heat up the entire room and central heating that would function through the entire house.

If you were a person that wants to be kept warm while lying down on the sofa then an infrared space heater would be the perfect system for you. However, if you like your entire room to be warm while you or your family members roam around then the best system to buy would be a standard unit!

Final Verdict

You might not have realized but winter can really hit you hard. The freezing temperature can really make your life miserable especially if you haven?t prepared for it.

The best thing to do is to make a move as soon as fall approaches.

Regardless of whether you?re in the bedroom, bathroom or garage, the best way that you can ensure that this upcoming winter passes by smoothly is by buying an infrared heater. These units function by directing and concentrating heat where it is needed ? towards you! This will not only keep you warm but will also focus on the aspect of efficiency, which in turn will minimize your bills!

So what is the best infrared heater to buy in 2016?

After extensive research and subsequent comparison of the reviews and ratings, we concluded that the best model was the Dr Infrared heater. This performed brilliantly and comes with a 3-year warranty. The only issue is that it may not be affordable for everyone.

If you?re looking to prioritize top value over spending a lot of money on performance then you must consider the Lifesmart 6 Element. This was associated with the best price-performance ratio and was of excellent quality in general!