Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide By an Expert!

At a time when most of our household and beauty products are riddled with chemicals, essential oils are fast becoming all the rage amongst health-conscious individuals.

I?m sure most of us have driven by a forest and have found the freshness of the air highly appealing.

I tend to take a deep breath to fully experience the wonderful fragrance of natural plants like lavender, jasmine and peppermint. This always has a positive effect on me in the sense that it gives off a general feeling of good health and wellness.

So, how can we experience these healthy benefits at home?

From my knowledge, an aromatherapy diffuser is the only machine that remotely comes close.

But how does this device actually work?

Well, essential oils are carefully extracted from plants through various processes such as distillation. This means that the characteristic fragrance of that particular plant has been captured.

There are several advantages of these substances including aromatherapy and these will be discussed in detail a little bit later.

An oil diffuser does exactly what the name suggests ? it releases a mist and fragrance of your favorite blend through the process of diffusion.

Not only will this expose you to a pleasant fragrance, it?ll also promote the overall health of your body by inducing relaxation and keeping stress away.

If you?ve made up your mind about buying such a device then you need to try and do more research. This will not only provide you with advice on how to maximize the benefits of an air diffuser, but it?ll also allow you to pick the most appropriate product for your needs.

Within this guide, we?ve aimed to provide detailed guidance on the entire subject.

We?ve also personally tested a huge number of products and have revealed the results below. These have been reviewed in detail and compared to one another.

Hopefully, this useful information will enable you to make an informed decision and one that you won?t regret in the future!

So, here goes!

Finding the Best Essential Oil Diffuser

1. Aromis Orbis Nox Merus

It?s important to note that this is professional-grade nebulizing diffuser. This means that this product is the best when it comes to preserving the beneficial effects of essential oils ? it promotes wellness more than any other product on the market!

When using the Orbis Nox Merus, you?ll notice that there is no heat involved so you?ll be exposed to cold air. This preserves the natural structure of the oil, which can only be good for our health!

The entire device is made from natural glass and wood. This means that the oils don?t come into contact with any harsh artificial substances, which will further protect the healing benefits of these essential liquids.

In addition to this, you don?t have to use any water. All you need to do is add a few drops of the oil and you?re ready to change your life for the good.

All the components of the Orbis Nox Merus are high-grade and have been utilized perfectly. As a consequence, this product will not only last a very long time but it?ll also maintain a look of elegance and beauty in your home.

It even has a new built-in timer and an auto shut off function that?ll add a little bit of convenience!

If you?re serious about buying a diffuser then this product will be perfect. While it can be louder and more costly when compared to ultrasonic models, it?ll be much better at promoting wellness. To us, this is the most essential aspect of buying such a product!

2.?Deneve? Riverock

If you?re seriously considering buying the Deneve? Riverock then rest assured, this is one of the best looking products available ? it?s even shaped like a pebble! This is bound to significantly enhance the charm and visual appearance of your living room, bedroom or any other household setting.

We found this model to be very elegant ? it almost feels like a decoration piece! For this reason, this will be blend in well in most forms of interior d?cor.

When it comes to the performance, the Deneve? Riverock is one of the best models.

It does exactly what it?s been made for without causing any fuss ? and any noise for that matter! To be perfectly honest, this is one of the quietest devices we came across! This means that you won?t be disturbed when using it at night.

The Riverock does light up but you can switch this off when you?re sleeping.

At this moment you?re probably wondering how you can leave such a device running. Well, it has an operating time of four hours and shuts off automatically when the water content has run out.

This product is extremely simple to use and you can get started in no time at all. All you?ll need to do is fill up to the water level, add a few drops of your favourite oil and just watch the fresh air fill the room.

At such an affordable price, you?re looking at a terrific product that?ll really do wonders for your health!


Like the Deneve? Riverock, this is also an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. It?s relatively affordable and very easy to use. Once again, you just need to pour a sufficient amount of water, add a few drops of oil and you?re ready to go.

When it comes to the performance, you?re looking at a similar product to the Riverock. This is a superb device, which doesn?t make any noise whatsoever. It has a decent water capacity, will run for four to five hours and has the ability to shut off automatically when the contents have run out.

The main difference between the Riverock and this InstaNatural model is the appearance. The Deneve? Riverock held a stunning modern design and this model also impressed us with its modern trendy look.

While we preferred the Riverock due to its unique aesthetics, this is still a good-looking product. In fact, it would enhance the overall appearance of most settings regardless of whether you buy it for your bedroom, bathroom or office!

The top of this electric device does light up but you can switch this off if need be.

In overview, you?re looking at an excellent diffuser that looks good and performs very well. The best part is the aspect of affordability due to the modest cost.

4.?QUOOZ Lull

Costing a little more than the previous two ultrasonic models we?ve discussed above, the QUOOZ Lull holds higher specifications.

At 200ml, the water capacity has doubled when compared to the Riverock and InstaNatural models.

The operating time is also far greater. This will allow the device to function for eight to ten hours.

If you have a larger living space then this model might be a better fit for you. This is because the aroma can fill a room up to 300 square feet.

After thorough testing, we found this product to be highly efficient. It turns off when the water content becomes too low. This would make it ideal for use during the night.

When it comes to the aesthetics, the QUOOZ Lull is a decent looking device. While its not as appealing as the Riverock, it?ll add something different to your home.

On top of this, the Lull does hold some special features that?ll appeal to most people.

Most of us wish to buy an aromatic oil diffuser in order to improve our health ? we wish to relax in a natural environment and minimize stress.

The QUOOZ Lull will enable us to do this through an impressive lighting system. When the product is in use, the light can be quite soothing. You can adjust the brightness or even switch this off completely.

In addition to this, you can even change the setting to ?breathing? ? where the light will brighten up then slowly fade. This would be highly useful for a meditation setting!

As a result of some of the special features, we?re looking at an excellent home relaxation tool!

5. AromaSoft

While this Aromasoft diffuser doesn?t look particularly fantastic, it has an array of excellent features that are bound to impress you.

The first feature that impressed us was the lighting. When in use, there?ll be seven different light colors being rotated. I?d consider the lighting to be more soothing than strong. This is a feature that?d be perfect for creating a spa-like relaxing atmosphere!

It?s not all about the lighting though as this product performs very well in most other areas. It?s quite powerful and extremely quiet when in use!

It has better aroma coverage than most similarly priced devices while it also operates for a longer period of time.

Its quite energy efficient too as you can select between two different settings ? one that?ll diffuse the essential liquid continuously for a few hours or another that?ll alternate between thirty seconds of vapor and thirty seconds of stoppage.

Additionally, once the water level is too low, the device will switch off by itself!

This is an excellent oil diffuser and the best part about this is that it?s available for a very affordable price.

6.?ZAQ Noor LiteMist

Another fairly inexpensive model, the ZAQ Noor has a very unique pyramid-like design ? it certainly looks the part!

In terms of the performance, you?ve got all the standard features. This is a very quiet unit and one that utilizes the LiteMist aromatherapy technology to diffuse the oil into the surrounding areas.

The device is available in three different colors. The top of the cone usually lights up in these colors but you can always switch these off completely.

When it comes to the ease of usability, the Noor performs similarly to the rest of the ultrasonic devices we?ve spoken about. This includes an auto shut off feature after approximately four hours of us!

What are the Benefits of using an Essential Oil Diffuser?

Aromatherapy is one of the major known benefits associated with this strategy.

In the past, this has been used as a means of alternate medicine to improve the mood and general wellbeing of a person. It?s a well-known fact that there are lots of different oils, all of which have different therapeutic benefits.

For example, peppermint can be used boost your energy naturally while lavender has the ability to relieve stress!

The best thing about this is that you can create a blend of your favorite oils and put this through the aromatherapy diffuser to enjoy a host of different effects.

Antibacterial and antiviral properties are commonly exhibited by essential oils. In fact, these substances are completely pure and have very little or no foreign particles. This will ensure that you breathe pure fresh air when you?re at home.

The disinfectant effect can boost your immune system and improve your overall health. However, you might need to get a nebulizing diffuser over a standard one to maximize this.

In addition to these advantages, there?ll be a naturally pleasant scent inside your home and this will be sufficient to induce an upbeat mood on its own.

Picking the Right Aromatherapy Diffuser for Essential Oils

There are various types of these devices available to buy and their method of use will depend entirely on this. It is incredibly essential that you use these in the most appropriate manner.

Nebulizer and ultrasonic diffusers are the most popular when it comes to diffusing essential liquids. The nebulizer is certainly the one that performs better in the sense that the effect is longer lasting and has better health benefits.

We won?t have to use any water ? in fact, we can only use a few drops of pure essential oil. This will produce a strong concentration of the liquid to be diffused.

A good quality nebulizing diffuser also won?t have any lights and would be perfect for use at night.

In comparison, an ultrasonic oil diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to break the liquids into tiny particles, which are then dispersed throughout the air.

This type is also cheaper than a nebulizer and uses up less oil due to the dilution with water. However, this ultimately means a low concentration being diffused.

Despite this, an ultrasonic diffuser can also function as a humidifier when used with water only. In this case, it?ll efficiently moisturize dry air in your home thereby, being particularly advantageous in the winter!

Before beginning your research, there are some questions you need to answer. These will ensure that you pick the right product.

Firstly, you need to estimate the area that you?ll be using the machine in. Do you need the aroma to fill your bedroom or a much larger space?

Some people also find it quite useful to have a timer on their aroma diffuser. While most of these devices will shut off automatically, not all will have timers built in.

In addition to this, the budget is also an important consideration. Nebulizers tend to be more expensive than ultrasonic devices so you need to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages of both product types!


By now, you should be a bit more certain about the use of an essential oil diffuser to eliminate stress and promote wellness in general. There are simply no arguments against the use of these devices for healthy living.

In searching for the best performing products, we went through a host of nebulizer and ultrasonic devices. Both of these types have their own benefits but the most essential factor is the efficiency of a nebulizing diffuser.

When it comes to this type, the Aromis Orbis Nox Merus was the best performing model. It provides a perfect balance between aesthetics and performance.

All of the ultrasonic devices were associated with similar performance levels. However, the Riverock was the most visually appealing model though this will be a personal choice for you.

The Best Energy Efficient Space Heater in 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

Winter is fast approaching.

You can feel it as you wake up to get ready for work in the morning!

While central heating is heavily used during this season, this can often be quite costly. In addition to this, warming up your entire house when you just need a higher temperature in your room seems a bit needless.

The perfect solution would be to go out and buy the most efficient space heater for your room! This device would be quite portable so you can literally move it around the house with ease.

There are many different types of room heaters available nowadays. Our target is to find the best quality low-energy model from amongst these. This is no easy task and requires a lot of time-consuming research!

In order to help you out, we spent a huge number of hours testing a wide range of products. The aim was to draw up a list of the best performing products that were associated with a good value for money! These have been rated, reviewed and compared to one another below!

Before picking the best product from the list, there are several factors that you need to consider. These have also been discussed below and will do well to help you make the right decision.

Best Energy Efficient Space Heater Reviews

1. Lasko 6435

If you?re looking for a high quality efficient product that has an impressive array of convenient features then the Lasko 6435 is the one to pick.

This is a ceramic model that?ll be extremely visually appealing to most homeowners. To be honest, the appearance is so good that this model will seem as if it?s a part of your interior d?cor rather than an electric space heater.

When it comes to performance, you?re looking at an excellent product. The Lasko 6435 holds an oscillation feature, which will spread the warmth in the surrounding areas of your room. This should easily keep an average-sized room very warm in the winter!

The Lasko 6435 also comes completely assembled and is extremely easy to use once opened. All you?ll literally need to do is plug and turn on.

In terms of the build quality, we found this product to be quite sturdy and extremely well made. As a consequence of this, we feel that it should last quite a few years if kept in the right condition.

The Lasko 6435 is also extremely energy efficient and is bound to cut your monthly heating bills if used appropriately. There is a 7-hour timer incorporated alongside an auto switch-off function that?ll be sure to minimize your costs!

There?s also an adjustable thermostat with five settings so you can always keep the temperature on low if need be. These features will also enhance the safety of using such a product. In addition to this, there?s also an automatic overheating protection feature incorporated into the system.

When switched on, the energy-saving Lasko 6435 is extremely quiet and also can be controlled with a remote control that comes with the packaging!

Costing just less than 50 bucks, we?d consider the Lasko 6435 to be the most affordable efficient electric heater for home use! It satisfies the aspect of safety and excels in performance without warranting too premium of a price.

2. Dr. Infrared Dr968

Closely following behind the Lasko 6435 is the equally efficient Dr. Infrared Dr968!

As a matter of fact, this is one of the highest rated and most energy efficient models within this category though it?s over twice as expensive as the Lasko 6435.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, this machine combines infrared and convection technology in a dual heating system. As a consequence of this, the heat transfer is rapid and also covers a huge amount of space!

When turned on, it?ll warm up the room without making any noise. On top of this, the heating elements are not exposed and this will significantly enhance the safety aspect of this efficient product.

When you check this electric room heater yourself, you?ll notice that it looks very heavy and is built like a tank. While the aesthetic appeal won?t be great, you can be sure that the build quality will be excellent.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the Dr. Infrared Dr968 is probably the best on the market. When using this, you?ll get the opportunity to select from three settings ? auto, low power (1000W) and high power (1500W). The auto mode in particular is ideal to use for saving energy, as the system will alternate between high and low power based on room temperature.

If you like to be in complete control of the entire operation, you can always use this efficient heater on a manual setting or utilize the timer. You?ll also receive a remote to provide you with more control over this energy efficient machine.

In overview, this is probably the best electric space heater for cutting down costs. However, it can be quite expensive so whether you buy it or not will depend entirely on your budget!

3. Lasko 755320

When compared to the previous two unique space models, the Lasko 755320 comes in a traditional tower design. It?s also the number one bestseller within the heating category on Amazon and has amassed a huge number of near-perfect reviews.

This heater comes completely assembled, has various excellent features and is quite simple to use. Firstly, there?s a push-button digital display on the top and you can adjust the settings through this. You can also change the settings using a remote control included by the manufacturer.

The Lasko 755320 utilizes ceramic material that is self-regulating and high standards of oscillation that?ll ensure that your room is warmed quickly and thoroughly. The exterior can be cool to touch and there?s an automatic overheating protection feature incorporated in the system. This means that your children will be safe when the room is being warmed up.

When turning on, you?ll have the option between auto, low (900W) and high (1500W) settings. Due to the adjustable thermostat, the auto setting will allow the machine to switch between high and low power. You?ll even have the chance to use a timer, which can function for up to 8 hours.

Taking the above points into consideration, it?s easy to see why the Lasko 755320 excels in every department. It?s relatively affordable, safe and extremely efficient regardless of the size of the space you?re warming up!

4. Lasko 754200

The Lasko 754200 is a very small energy efficient electric heater. In addition to this, it?s also one of the most affordable efficient products out there. Costing around 20 bucks, you?re never going to get a cheaper good quality model.

While the low price tag may make you think otherwise, the overall quality and performance of this model was superb. It has extremely positive ratings on Amazon while some of the feedback we received from existing customers was superb too!

During our testing, we were actually quite surprised at some of the features of this machine!

The design of the Lasko 754200 is quite minimalistic. It?s quite small so it?ll be very portable and the carrying handle built into the system will certainly make things easier for you.

In terms of performance, we found that we could use three settings ? a high (1500W), low (900W) and fan-only mode! This will be perfect for an individual looking for an energy efficient heater!

During operation, the entire system was very quiet and performed quite well. Obviously, you can?t expect the Lasko 754200 to rival some of the expensive products but this performs really well for such a small model.

Due to the fact that, we?ll only be spending around 20 bucks, we?d have no qualms about recommending this efficient product to use alongside the normal central system in your home. If you have a small space to warm up then it should do this quite efficiently!

5. Dyson AM05

One of the major advantages of this model is the fact that it can act as an energy-saving space heater in the winter and as a cooling fan in the summer months.

While testing the AM05, we found the performance to be quite impressive. This is especially important, as there aren?t any spinning blades or visible heating elements. In fact, a powerful motor at the base carries out the entire job.

The AM05 uses Air Multiplier technology to draw in surrounding air and amplifies it to produce superb long-range results.

It has the potential to warm the room relatively quickly and maintaining that temperature by switching on and off, which is energy-saving!

When it comes to the safety aspect, we were quite satisfied as it also has overheating protection feature. On top of this, the machine switches off completely when it?s tipped over.

While we felt that the performance was quite good, we didn?t think it was particularly fantastic especially when you consider how much you?ll be paying for this product.

With a price tag of over 300 dollars, we were expecting the AM05 to blow away some of the other products we were testing. Sadly, this didn?t happen and we ended up with the conclusion that the high price is probably due to the futuristic design over anything else!

Picking the Best Energy Efficient Heater?

While the above reviews might help you to narrow down the list of your favorite products, it?s also important to take several other factors into consideration.

Obviously, saving energy is our most important priority. All of the products reviewed in this guide perform superbly when it comes to this feature. This means that you can concentrate on other factors without worrying about your bills.

Setting a budget is another extremely important task you need to conduct prior to beginning your research. This will ensure that you don?t end up overspending for a feature that you don?t need.

If you have children then you also need to prioritize the safety factor. You see, space heaters have a reputation for being quite dangerous. Even though our recommended products are relatively safe and hold overheating protection, buying such products should still be avoided if you?ve got children running around the house! There will always be that small element of risk that?ll remain especially if you have a small amount of space in your room!

Room size is another important consideration for you to take before taking the plunge. You?ll need to select an appropriately sized machine based on the area that you wish to warm up. It?s worth noting that your final decision will affect the portability too!

In addition to the previous points mentioned, one final factor that must be taken account is temperature control. Ideally, you should pick a model that has an adjustable thermostat. This will allow the system to operate according to the room temperature thus, saving a lot of energy!

Some Energy Saving Tips?

If you end up buying a portable space heater then it might be worth minimizing the use of the central system. Even if you buy a few separate machines, this will cut down the overall costs big time!

When using the heater, you need to ensure that you utilize the auto setting if it?s featured in that particular model. This will ensure that the operation is alternated between high and low power.

It would also be useful to set a timer rather than operate on a manual setting in case you forget to switch the heater off!

Some other tips to save energy include shutting room doors, leaving the curtains closed and switching off the radiators when you?re not at home!


In addition to some of the tips mentioned above, buying the best energy efficient space heater will do wonders for your next heating bill! However, you need to ensure that you complete the product selection process according to your own requirements.

You need to take account of various factors such as room space size, safety and budget. Once you?ve done this then you?re finally ready to make the purchase.

Even though, it?s quite expensive, the Dr. Infrared Dr968 will be the best pick if you?re after a high quality premium efficient model. This performed brilliantly in all areas.

If you?re budget is significantly lower than 100 dollars and you wish to focus on the price-performance value then the Lasko 6435 was the most impressive from all of the products we tested! It even looks superb and may be seen by some as a decoration piece rather than a space heater!

An individual looking for a very cheap energy-saving product at the lowest end of the scale may not be able to afford the two models above. If you were in this situation, it would be worth giving the Lasko 754200 a try. While this is a small machine, it?s associated with great performance at a very affordable price!